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Why didn't they kill the "miners"?

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What happened to Drudge anyway? Why'd he go lefty retard?

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Yea, he runs with the leftist position that Taiwan is part of China. The Taiwanese people beg to differ.

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Early in the shamdemic I saw a lady wearing an inflatable dinosaur costume as a hazmat suit. Crazy.

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So, does Afghanistan count as the terrorists won?

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I agree. The air we breathe is 78% nitrogen (which they say is bad for us) and .04% carbon dioxide (which they claim is too high). Everything makes sense when you accept the fact that the elites hate you and want you dead.

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Manchin stalled till now because the negative effects will be felt far after the election. Then if GOP wins midterms they can tell the brain dead NPCs it's all the evil Republicans fault.

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I literally called out blasphemous Christians too. In all faiths the most moral are the Orthodox factions.

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Russia may suck, it's authoritarian, a forced morality on it's citizens that is probably not enforced on the elite. But I feel classic liberal "democracies", like ours and Europe's will always lead to Marxism/Communism. If authoritarian rule is inevitable I'd rather live under one whose morals I agree with.

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