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I just got that alert a bit ago, didn't even need the photos to have a WTF moment. My first thought: "How the fuck is the son hispanic but the father, named Juan with a hyphenated surname, somehow white?"

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That'll happen when the entire bus tries to haggle with the driver at the same time.

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When they turn heroes into criminals and criminals into heroes, there is no good reason to be a hero. I would never risk my family, home, or livelihood to protect two people I don't know when the only one who stands to lose from doing so is me -- especially if I win.

Only my family is worth that risk.

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The normies need to know that they'll be killed, that they're the targets of an international effort to end the existence of White men and women everywhere. They want us sterile at best and corpses at worst. This is the ideology they teach in our schools and universities, and exposing it, rubbing the faces of the normies in it, is the only way to wake them up.

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Them: "They baked a baby in an oven!"

Also Them: "You can't ban abortion; it's part of our religion!"

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Actually, he's quite wrong.

The ADL is going to call us White supremacists even if we don't object.

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Scott Adams this week:

"I don't want this power!"

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Every time I see a guy like this who is taller than I am and yet has thrown their life away seeking the easy path of tranny validation, I think, what a waste of potential. In less turbulent times, a stocky 5'10" guy would've done just fine in physical labor or military service. Given proper purpose, this man could've had a worthy life.

This perversion isn't just disgusting. It steals futures from people. It's the worst sort of brainwashing. It doesn't just convince them that they're worthless -- that could be recoverable. Instead, it convinces them that they can get cheap validation, a pallid imitation of the fulfillment of purpose, and misdirects them toward squandering their lives. Truly appalling and disgusting.

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I agree with him in principle, but he shows his naivete here. Talent may be easy enough to prove, but honesty and the state of being hard-working take time and experience to verify. You cannot simplify (read: shorten) something which takes time, interaction, and observation to ascertain.

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She is correct. She does not need a lecture. She needs a noose.

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Imagine being sued by a country -- the country in which your company is HQ'd -- for not hiring anyone other than that country's citizens.

The sheer ridiculousness of it is astronomical.

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Married, gainfully employed, sole breadwinner. I play video games often and for long periods of time if the game is fun. Raised two children to adulthood, got three grandchildren -- so I feel I'm qualified to speak on this.

The root issue isn't what women like or dislike, it's societal pressure and conditioning on men to behave in a feminine manner, and also the DEI bullshit that's pushing men out of fields/jobs/education that allow them be productive and lets them challenge themselves.

Men need challenges they can overcome in order to thrive. They need to set realistic goals and feel that their efforts are both appreciated and impactful. As long as the world tells them that those needs are bad, they'll find that elsewhere, and it's easiest to find in games.

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Lol, parents won't be allowed in the pool or poolside.

"You're not allowed to look while we grope your children, just wait in the changing room."

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This, yes. The irony of someone apparently of Chinese descent complaining about the mistreatment of Japanese during WW2 by the USA is quite hilarious given the numerous human rights abuses committed against the Chinese by the Japanese during that same timeframe.

Too much 'white man bad' and not enough actual history in her education.

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We were never meant to have this level of access to information. Too hard to oppress without censorship.

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Every veteran I know has dissuaded their children from joining. And not like the old, "I'll disown you if you do it and that's that!" type of conversation. Like sit-down, adult conversation about how bad it is.

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I really don't care how they feel about it. Their military slaughtered millions of civilians in southeast Asia -- China, The Philippines, etc. They want to bitch about it happening to them?

"It's only wrong when it's done to us."

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Yes, heaven forbid they use a photo which resembles the most statistically-likely appearance of a criminal who has pulled a weapon on them.

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More like pasted than vaporized, but it's all the same in the end. They're dead, and they'll be scraping the remains off the debris.

Should've hired that boring white man who could've told you your design was going to kill you.

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So you're just a racist negress who needs her face caved in by someone with guts enough to do it.

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"Look how moderate I am! Don't worry, I'll split the vote!"

I don't know whose vote he thinks he's going to split. This guy steals precisely zero votes from Trump. Not even on his best day.

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