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I’d much rather see an aggressive expose of The Great Reset, Agenda 201/2030, Build Back Better bullshit and the evil agenda of WEF, UN and the fcking Davos crew. Schwab-Gates poison juice for worldwide depopulation and chipping everyone in the process. I’d like to Klaus baby Ivanka talk about that. Hands off our kids! should be his strongest message right now. Owning the heart-stopper is a dumb move. Who the fck wrote this shit?

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At least natural immunity gets a mention.

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Media fear porn. That’s all it is. It only deserves ridicule, not empathy.

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Fire whoever put this out. Today.

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Yep. He’s falling into their trap owning Pfizer’s poison. Aligning himself with the WEF babies who are pushing the Schwab-Gates death shot all over the world. Let’s see if he’s pro the Digital ID too? For me it’s like hearing him say: Thalidomide? Yeh, that was me. I did that.


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Big Pharma + Big Tech = Big Harma

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That’s fake fake money - Whoopi Goldbug

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The Big Harma war on people who don’t want their kids given drugs is won.

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Too old the old hag. Bill’s more than three quarters dead and she’s not far behind. These people indulged themselves for years and years, they’re rotting from the inside out.

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Agreed. Assange is the canary in the coal mine. Warp Speed is the nail in the coffin. Ivanka is WEF trainee.

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How big is the NZ Daily Telegraph? Will ordinary people have access to this information? It is good some reporting is happening.

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You’ll be right, pede. Just get to the head of the queue for Blow-Up-Lungs today. You got an African Gates Foundation pre-paid mass-grave funeral? You can buy a set for the whole family right now.

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Wrong. It has been a massive self-perpetuating bureaucracy for years and years, maybe forever. Most of the donations and gov grants go into maintaining the high tech giant machine it is. It’s focus is raising money to feed itself. Very little gets to the poor people lining up for a free feed. Like every old bureaucracy, I expect it is riddled with commies.

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Dairy bad. Soy good. Oh you’re becoming impotent?

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