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Tour guides take people to the edge of the bomb range complex ( which is the size of a small European country) and call it 'the edge of area 51.' tourists can't or don't want to differentiate. It's like going to the Canadian border, pointing north and saying, "behold, the north pole." Then the tourists play along because they want to say they've been to the north pole.

Presumably, guides get bigger tips from the green man fans if they push the edge and get checked by security contractors in white SUVs. Let's face it, modern tourism is all about buying oneself a viral selfie and pick pok video.

Security of the ranges relies more on natural obstacles remote monitoring and patrolling than walls and such. The terrain is difficult to traverse and easy for security to observe/monitor. There is little to no concealment, great distances and basically no water. (Yeah our government is doing its college best to 'fail' at securing that other fence line.)

The tours in SUVs follow a dirt road until they get to the perimeter warning signs and three strand cattle resistant barbed wire fence. Air force property, bombing range, lethal force, yadda yadda. It's anticlimactic as fuck. The guests horse around, take selfies in the empty desert and then leave. I'd wager most times the biggest take away is a massive sunburn and the better part of a day or two of vacation in Vegas wasted.

This guide's probably been crossing fuzzy boundary lines repeatedly. Lines that aren't fuzzy to him after being stopped by security for the 100th time. But that's the goal, to provoke a security response for that almighty tip, born of a little excitement on the wrong side of a boundary line. Otherwise, it's a long and boring trip.

This smells like stupid games and stupid prizes. On the edge of a bombing range. Either way this dude is now likely a made man in the UFO community. He can probably stop hustling tours and just do speaking gigs and maybe a book then retire. Strait up tourist trap drama.

Some bureaucrat probably decided he needed a visit because he wasn't heeding the trespassing warnings he kept getting. Wasting manpower on unnecessary guard checks and all that. He was probably a frequent flyer on that part of the perimeter and was keeping the guards a little too busy for his own good.

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Yup. Gimpsploitation.

They want to normalize every fucked up cringe thing in existence.

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2016 again. We seriously need to stop it with this handicapping on our scores. It's cool and all to win with one had behind our backs, but I'm over it. I want the full on, not holding back, honest, slaughter of a win that was and still is due. I'm not a cringie boomer who gets off on letting the competition win. I prefer the better team take home a trophy. Especially if it makes the honestly weaker team cry. Fukem.

Here's looking at you Florida, ya glorious, salted, frosty bastards. No more unfair advantages to retards and crooks with nothing to offer but sorrow and suffering.

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Anyone who concedes doesn't want the office and knows that if they allow the counts to finish, they just might get an office they aren't supposed to get.

And they all know that'll bring down a certain kinda little rock Arkansas trouble they don't want.

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People who've been living there less than three years have historically dominated Clark County politics. The very definition of low info voters who blindly vote how the TV and or shop steward tell them to. It's a massively transient population with almost a 100 percent turn over every three years. Most people leave and go back to where they came from after a few years. But unfortunately there are significantly more giving it a try each year.

And that's before taking into account the massive fraud owing to a dem dominated DAs office, motor voter programs to get illegals registered and a low participation rate that grants ballot harvesters an endless supply of blanks for tomfuckery.

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It doesn't say sit through a week of crooked democrat theater and call it an election.

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To get a reaction. They're banking that none of thier sheep will look into the original offense and only notice left media's portrayal of people on the right 'over-reacting' to it.

Leftists feed on conservatives being offended or upset about something. They live for the day it isn't they who are triggered. Even if it's only a figment of thier own imaginations. College girl thinks, "my conservative dad is upset about another abortion thing. I'll get one of those instead of a tattoo. Thatll show him."

The champagne communists will all be snarking to eachother about rednecks who can gut a deer and do other mean things to animals but can't stomach a measly little abortion. Or all the anti vaxers who are scared of a needle but freak out over another safe and effective medical proceedure.

We see things and try to put them in context and do the whole rational thinking thing. The libs live for cognitive disconnects disassociation from reality. Thinking is hard.

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Well that is where they all went when given tenure following early release from prison and pardons for crimes committed during the far out late 60s and early 70s.

Like those people who set off an actual explosive device in the capital. But yeah moral relativism and all that.

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My name...


Kunta! Kinte!

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Peak institutional narcissism.

I will pretend to apologize and you will in return; grant me a pass for past asinine and criminal behavior, allow me to continue said behavior and, as the victim, accept all responsibility for what was done to you. Because its really your fault.

Naw mate. I'm not a co-dependent, battered house wife, with Stockholm syndrome up the ass. Go fuck yourself.

Real forgiveness isn't even possible until after the offense is over and the actual bill can be properly tallied. These ass hats aren't asking forgiveness, theyre asking permission to continue being criminal ass hats and calling it something totally different.

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He doesn't have to be a messiah to do good things we can all appreciate.

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I'll be back for my apology.

Yeah, about that arrogance and entitlement thing we were talking about earlier. You might want to talk to someone about that.

I could trounce your retarded ass brutally, but you're not worth the time or effort.

Umm ok dude. Seems like you already tried what with all the time and effort you've been investing in your walls of text. Pro tip. You can't really trounce someone in a forum if they don't need or want your approval. There isnt any "raw power" at your disposal here.

There was no big tech in or before WW2.

This one really did make laugh, so I have to respond to it.

I never said there was. I was using Google and social media's haphazard expansions into foreign markets and the egregious moral and ethical compromises made to accomplish them as an allegory for what Henry Ford was doing during the lead up to ww2.

You really do need to work on reading comprehension, or maybe English in general. Or take a breath, relax, and re read before responding?

Again, at this point I'm just poking you with a stick to see what happens.

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I'll let you off the hook

Oh, you're so kind.

Answer my questions!!!

Haha, you're not even my real dad! I do what I want! Lol. Man, you really shouldn't have gone off you're meds. Dude.

get a last zinger in before running

Run from what? And as for gotchas, you seem to be the one holding on in hopes of one. I'm just poking you with a stick to see what happens.

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More walls of text no one will read. You sure are comfortable making assumptions about a total stranger. And boy can you ramble. But as far as coming up with anything coherent or of value. Well, you can keep talking to yourself if you please. And your 'old model' 'new model' thing. Yeah, just keep choosing the fabricated reality that best suits your fragile sense of self and the world around you. And continue to customize it to meet your whims. And pitch fits when reality contradicts your fantasy.

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"Strength of conviction" is a commie buzz phrase. Got any 'dialectics' to go with that order?

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Nice passive aggressive way of saying, 'no I didn't, prove it.'

As the Brits would say, "don't be daft."

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The ford issue had more in common with big tech chasing foreign markets because of their business model failing to work once the market became saturated. But yeah you do you with any all excuses to cry about banks. It's a tired cop out for anything you don't have a faster easier answer for. In that example, the western fault was Henry Ford climbing into bed with anyone who hadn't already bought one of his cars in an effort to sell more of them.

It's also worth noting that the Germans stopped short of sending Ford people to camps. Many a US serviceman who rolled through Germany and saw Ford motor company assets refused to ever buy Ford products and generally didn't bother explaining why to thier baby boomer kids.

Gaslighting is your word not mine. Thanks for clearing up any doubts I had that you've been doing exactly that.

I'm finding this conniption fit I've triggered entertaining. You're mostly just angry and spouting a lot of random shit. You've read alot. But haven't digested or questioned any of it. Breath. You'll be ok. And some day youll find someone interested in listening to a half baked analysis in it's entirety.

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Never claimed freedom falls into laps. Or that evil regimes fail at random instants and purely by function of thier being evil. I did say the Soviet system was inherently unsustainable, regardless of outside assistance or interference. I also said that for it's duration in power, the people under it's heel were just that, under it's heel. The clock was ticking, but for far too many people, not fast enough. Interference sped the clock up and and enablers slowed it down.

All I do is poke holes in your arguments as you zigzag and change hills you want to die on and try to redefine whats been said. Which brings me to the next point; you're all over the place dude. Two consistencies though, YOUR arrogance is astounding. And you're a bit obsessed with 'raw power'. Seem a little SUS.

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"I urge you to get over your pride on that one." Muhaha. Me thinks thou dost protest too much.

Oh yeah, and if the soviets were such hot shit then why couldn't they function without imported technology and what exactly entitled them to the western technology we so cruelly deprived them of? Why couldn't they just develope thier own? They could only have survived with outside assistance. As per your own arguments.

Keep tryna cope. Or I don't know cry about it to someone who cares.

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