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John Wayne Gacee was before his time I see

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Been working out consistently for 15 years.

Warmup for 5-10 minutes on a treadmill. A brisk walk is fine, but you need your muscles to be warm or you risk injury.

Dynamic warmup - look it up, nothing too complicated, just stretches and movements before your workout

I’m assuming you have a workout plan. If not, reply and I can help you out.

The biggest thing for newbies to learn is you don’t owe anyone else your attention. It’s just you and the gym equipment. Don’t allow yourself to feel less than, you and the gym are all that matter. Just like anything else, there will be a learning curve. EMBRACE IT.

Cheers fren.

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I’d slap myself w/ those tiddies

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Any science fags wanna explain this and if it’s legitimate?

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I would vote for Joe Rogan for president tbh

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Collage professor sounds better tbh

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They can’t touch us

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If vetting can’t be done, the hammer must come down on anyone and everyone who crosses us.

Good message, GEOTUS

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1 year anniversary of Trump being banned from Twitter

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