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Employer: Are you vaccinated?

Me: I don't recall having to disclose that information to obtain employment at your establishment nor do I recall having to disclose that information to remain employed.

Employer: We have a new policy that says every employee must be vaccinated against COVID-19. Are you?

Me: You cannot mandate that as per the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 created by Chuck Schumer and signed by President Bill Clinton.

Employer: shocked Pikachu face

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I'm just gonna go with it doesn't get covered except by OANN.

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I'd say Gab is just as America First as we are, but just way more popular.

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He also just posted about how if you don't trust the government to uphold the law than you're an anarchist.

Full kek.

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There's also a difference between vaccines and immunizations now.

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MTG, you on here?

What's up, girl?

Stay frosty!

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Maybe you're the one who needs to click 'full comment thread'. Because I was asking a question of the other user who said something only half as retarded-like as you.

Now go fuck off, FBI.

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I'm quite familiar with them. I had an extended family member actually fight to put them into power. Then he left and came to the US once he realized that they were far worse than the Romanovs.

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I've tried using the CDC's own statements to combat what my neighbors think COVID as being the most deadly virus of all.

It was me versus 5 of them.

I gave up after they started calling me QAnon.

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But she's vaccinated. Kids aren't.

This is the thinking on the Left, which makes them feel superior to anyone who isn't for any reason. It also justifies their continued thinking in this way. They don't see the line between the health of all vs the freedoms of all. They have been brainwashed their entire lives to end up like this.

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Dear, Australia.

You gave up your guns in 1996. I know you have more of them now than you did then.

Please, be like the Colonists from the US. About 300 years ago, the government opened up on them, too. We went to war with the most powerful country in the world over it.

Looks like you need to, too.

All the best,

A Patriot.

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Why would they continue making up numbers if cases are dropping and the entire country is open?

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Yes, please do this. Please, dox these gun-toting America-loving patriots.

Please, please, please, send your white dreadlocks-wearing, Starbucks-drinking, scooter-driving because they can't afford a real car, weak kneed, pimple-faced, actual Fascist faggots to our homes.

We will welcome you with open chambers.

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It's about to get worse in the next few weeks with mandatory weekly testing.

Never mind that the test is up to 60% inaccurate.

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More like communism

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