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I’ve been dead since drumpf didn’t go with net neutrality.

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Batclan Massacre

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I have a saying regarding whether some of these things are intentional or not: of you want to find out the root, look at the fruit.

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Great points. Thinking back on it, the show sure made blended families glorious.

Edit: I hit a nerve with this submission.

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I’ll wait for your next post which is the same story as the 30 posts above it, towing the low intellectual line with all the other group thinkers.

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People look at pros and cons. Right now it’s: do I go apeshit and shoot up a corrupt building full of commies and leave my kids without a dad who will be raised by the system I hate or, do we wait until there’s no other option but to fight?

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Here’s the problem my friend: the republicans are shit too. We need to get MAGA candidates or we’ll be run by mitt Romney and Mitch McConnell.

Other than that, thanks for the book reference, I’ll check it out!

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Had it. It sucked. Took invermectin and started feeling better in a few hours. So if you ask me if I want to get it again my answer would be a resounding neigh.

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