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I just got my Hopium prescription filled too!

But seriously the wheels of justice move slow!

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Strange how all these anti-vaxxers are still surviving but the m vaxxers are still dropping dead.

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There’s more of us than them. The left’s numbers are a mirage.

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He’s getting advice from someone to distance himself from Trump and as long as the voting fraud can still happen it’s good advice.

Eventually the MAGA crowd will become disenfranchised because they’ll never win.

Think about, they pulled off a presidential election. What makes anyone think they can’t do it again?

Voting fraud is the number 1 focus and it’s one of those things that’s the most ambiguous.

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Is this a real picture?!?!

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The left doesn’t even realize that tweet literally connects the dots between bankruptcy and DEI.

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She looks joyless and like the type of person who resents other people being happy

Not only that she was literally crazy. So yeah, typical leftist.

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Many people would be all for a 32 hour workweek but what they don’t understand is that companies will only pay for 32 hours and employee benefits would be slashed.

It’s a give and take and I wouldn’t be surprised if some large corporations are backing the bill.

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They said Safeway is three times the price which means more Safeway products will be walking out the door.

It is only a matter of time before Safeway does the same as Walmart. I wouldn’t be surprised if when their lease is up they won’t be far behind.

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I think the new Scott meme is doing just that.

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