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If you drink coffee you are doing the same thing, Using stimulants is natural to humans. Dont be a lazy piece of shite, do what you need to get done and enjoy the rest of the day.

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Marihuana should be treated the same way alcohol is.

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I used to believe our military was terrific until a close family member joined the Marines. I now honestly believe we will lose the next war. I've never seen such incompetence at a management level with all the shit he tells me. Something as simple as getting mail is retarded. They are lucky they haven't started to charge them for daring to breathe.

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The only way you get rid of the ADL is if you literally execute anyone working there along with the big donors. Otherwise, if you shut it down those same rats will just jump ship into government agencies or other foundations.

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Planned Parenthood has been protecting us for years. Imagine this nation with 30 million + riggers fucking everything up.

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Luke Skywalker was a religious fanatic and terrorist. The empire brought pace and prosperity to the humans in the galaxy. The rebels were a bunch of xeno loving communists.

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Just after you buy the latest merch or send some money

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3 pigs and a towelhead. Nothing of value was lost

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There's no need to kill and make him a martyr when you can slowly take over one show and game at a time. They made a mistake in 2016, but they have since corrected the course. The nation was lost 80 years ago.

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Yeah, can you imagine all the bitching and moaning real Patriots will do online. So many strongly written letters. They could kill him right now and no one on this site or nation would do a dam thing.

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If you start looking into mugshots you start seeing a pattern on the faces of criminals.

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No it won't, "patriots" will go online and complain like they always do. Normies will forget about it in a week. No one is going to risk their pension or ball game.

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You are probably spending too much time lurking here and similar sites. You got to remember this is an echo chamber just like reddit is for the left. Regular people dont care and will not care about the truth unless it directly affects them. Most people just dont give a fuck and rather pay attention to their own thing.

and she does have a point, raising awareness is not going to do shit.

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Nothing wrong with being intelligent enough to pick a job that is not only easier but probably has more real-world application once you are out.

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Nah, the same retards will fall for the next big thing. Their indoctrination was complete years ago.

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