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It’s got what plants need. It’s got electrolytes

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Monkey pox is fake and gay. The economy is crashing. Look over here

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Ive seen this posted here before saying AZ

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John Daly is my spirit animal

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The further from her date of vaccination, the safer you are. It’s a no-go within a month

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We’d be in a hell of a lot better position if some of these people, including our overlords, could get a crack in the mouth

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Quick, someone grab the Holy Water

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The PA legislature absolutely blackballed him and exiled him from the operation he started. Dush and Corman are huge faggots. You obviously didn’t follow what happened in PA at all if you honestly believe that

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Do you know what the fuck context is dumbass? Very low IQ post

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This is essentially what’s been said to have taken place during the summer of love involving Twitter and more importantly TikTok.

Individuals that were identified as easily manipulated and radicalized were fed the appropriate posts to get them out into the streets to riot. Makes a hundred percent sense.

Arab spring pioneered it

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Sauce or STFU.

You been ‘round here race baiting all goddamn day

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