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This website isn't about stock speculation. We have WSBets.win

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That's not how the market works at all. Someone else loses money and someone else makes money. Your buy order comes after someone else's sell order. Everyone doesn't all just get rich lmao

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Pfizer won the race

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At the last Trump rally I went to, a GETTR banner was flown in the sky behind a plane for hours upon hours. Then as I got closer to the venue, they had 20 massive GETTR cell phone charging stations all run by loud ass generators. It was almost too obvious

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Yup, lots of hard working Patriots in Chattanooga. There's a lot more to Chatt than downtown.

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Go say it to an actual human and it will be even more fun

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They don't actually see replies to these texts

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Milo isn't grifting about Catholicism. The man does rosary in his Telegram chat and writes for Church Militant. He's also learning to read the Bible in latin

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No, but I will be pulling out one of my Trump pumpkin hats soon

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I am involved in my local community and my county. But thanks anyway bud. Keep doing nothing and defending Rob Schneider

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You didn't even quote me correctly lmao

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I'm convinced at this point the left politicians can lie, cheat and hide and they still won't be voted out

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Tens of millions of other people put their money where their mouth is, too. He's only propped up because he plays pretend in movies. All of the sudden every rich & famous actor has something to say about Politics. And we give them the stage

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Nah you're right man let's just not run. It doesn't matter anyway man let's just forget it. It doesn't matter. Nothing matters right?

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