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You have kids. Your people won't allow you to fail. You may have hard times. Roll with them. You'll thank yourself later. Trust me. Your kids will thank you too.

Now soldier on, Father !

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He he.

I wonder if those wierdos know their time has come and gone already.

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The woke ape grin "lean in" makes me want to puke.

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Someone tell this (((fuck head))) Congress ain't the Army.

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Whatever one's political opinion of the man may be, and whatever ulterior motives he certainly holds, this is the Lord's work. God bless gov Abbott.

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Brotherly Love in five, four, three, two . . .

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A fucking sicilian mafiosa telling ME, an AMERICAN that I'm a traitor to my own people?

Fuck off, little criminal goon.

Mt Etna called: it wants you back.

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He truly was the Indispensible Man.

Unable to sire his own children on account of a boyhood illness, Washington is the Father of His Country.

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But your timeline is not quite right. I think you need to date from Waco or Ruby Ridge as our Concord Bridge echo. Recall the militia movement was building up a real head of steam before OKC, allegedly in response to Waco.

Cabal's learned much since April 19, 1775 some 218 years later. This time they've won the first round.

But the question was settled, ultimately, by force of arms. I agree this is not the time. But it's been on the agenda and always has been.

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My ancestors fought the War for Independence, among others.

What to you have to say to me about my ancestors' "violence"???

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Who will be the first to shoot a pig for doing that to a woman.

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Ginette's gonna love her cellies once 4chan gets done with her.

Oof. Self pwned.

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Dear Porkbutt:

Porkbutts from from Pigs, as in the Ass of a Pig.

Pig is a longstanding name for Cops.

Cops comes from "coppers" to distinguish policemen from naval officers as police uniforms had copper buttons on navy blue while naval officers had brass buttons on navy blue.

So a Pig is a Cop is a Police Officer is a Jackass which is a useless animal as well as the emblem of the democratic socialist party.

In other words, you're an instigator, probably a three-time loser trying to get freebies from your FBI handlers.

Fuck off and die. Go start your little insurrection somewhere else.

Blocked and Deported.

Buh bye, asshole.

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