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I support anyone's right to self-determination

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How come all the other satellites didn't similarly lower in altitude?

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What info on the base could they get with a balloon they couldn't with a satellite?

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For all the media talk about it being a 'spy balloon,' I heard little discussion about Chinese spyware like TikTok accomplishing the same goal of harvesting data on Americans much more effectively

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Giving minorities a leg up implies they have less ability than whites

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Growing cannabis in 2023 outdoors is near parity with growing tomatoes in terms of profitability. When ounces of indoor go for 50 and even thc oils move under 3/g wholesale, the days of getting rich quick are long over

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No evidence people were smoking hemp in colonial America. Doesn't mean it didn't happen, just that it isn't mentioned in the literature for another 50-100 years

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Why is the #hammeredsuddenly stickied post have comments locked? If the fear is the comments will breal ToS then it shouldn't be stickied in the first place.

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Wishing violence on one's political opponents is a bridge that is hard to uncross

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You should make a new post about this

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Shitty meme format by cringe lib usps ad exec running the acct

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