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Agree fully. The other mentality is toxic and destructive, because humans are imperfect and fallible; technology doesn't make us that way, it just amplifies our current state. Getting rid of technology similarly won't stop our imperfections and failings, it will just mask them a little bit.

Kind of like with justice, too. I'd rather ten guilty men go free to save one than punish the innocent. Obviously there is a real tangible practical level of "accuracy" and you don't want everyone to go free, but the point stands.

Or even Biblically; God was willing to spare entire cities from annihilation for mere tens of souls. To punish the good with the bad then would seem a greater injustice than the bad walking free (though it's often more complicated than just saying that in practice).

What's more is the idea of reverting these technologies is just simply impractical.

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Things like this get us labeled as Q-Anon people.

So? They do that regardless. It's that mentality that is why we're losing. The media has dropped all pretense of neutrality and as such has lost the overwhelming majority of its influence. Why the fuck should we cater to it when our means of reaching the broader public is far more effective?

And who are you to say it is false? Have you collected any real data? Some skepticism is healthy, but why discourage discourse about data that has been collected?

Even the official health services data has repeatedly been damning for the vaccine, and it is pretty believable that it would be skewed in favor of the vax.

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This isn't useful info. It's something that is entirely completely obvious to anyone that has questioned the narrative seriously for more than a second.

This is just social media shilling for followers. That's how these faux conservatives operate: they say basic bitch conservative stuff to garner a flock of followers, then they lead them down the wrong path when real shit happens. Case in point the stolen election or the vaccines; look at all of the faux conservatives that lead their base away from the truth about the overwhelming election fraud and to the "no evidence of fraud" path.

Giving these people the time of day for basic fucking platitudes is a complete and entire waste. Acknowledging this man or this comment does NOTHING to benefit us or our movement.

It'd be different if he was doing or saying something actually substantial; like when Elon was fighting wokism and talking about buying Twitter - even there, we should not try to bolster his following - but we can praise and reward actions that are truly beneficial to that, such as those that Elon took. But this? This is just shilling.

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Later Hitler and Stalin went to war because as we well know - "the left always eats their own". There could not be two leaders of global socialism, so they had to fight.

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So the dems are gonna vote against us but then not backstab us when it counts? Huh?

The bigger problem with RINOS is branding. They make Republicans look bad similar to Joe making dems look bad. They mix the brand and they have two impacts as a result: 1.) decrease votes for MAGA/"true" republican things, 2.) Provide a false sense of security to those terrified of dem stuff.

It seems Trump is playing the numbers game right now, with a preference for RINOS over MAGA that have questionable ability to win.

Folks on here are purity testing each other moment to moment, so naturally, there is disappointment at this strategy.

I don't think any of us have an ACTUAL solid answer as to which strategy will be more effective. That said, I would wager that, having been fucking president for four years, Trump probably has a pretty good idea of what all is going on, probably better than many people on here give him credit for.

Whether his strategy will play out in the end is another story, but the overall lesson regardless needs to be to stop relying on the federal government.

For as much as people here want to shrink and reduce the federal government, they seem to get so fixated on elections surrounding it. Yes, those are important, but the enforcement of the bullshit from Washington DC comes down to local level politics. Trump will have another term of constantly bucking against tight limitations if we can't roll out a red carpet for him at the county, state, AND federal levels. He did a fantastic job on the first term despite all of those constraints, but if we want his fixes to really stick and last we need to provide him proper support.

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Correct. Those against us today could be flipped tomorrow if the deals for their allegiance go south.

Those with us today could also be flipped tomorrow for a variety of reasons; threats, health shifts, or flat out betrayal.

My philosophy is to focus on how whatever happens impacts events way more on some fixation on champions. I've been cheering for Musk this whole time because regardless of the shit he says or has done in the past, his actions with regards to Twitter have been fantastic for us.

On an opposite token, I was fighting against the vaccine bullshit while Trump was still actively promoting it.

Nobody's perfect, either, even if they ARE on your side, people can make mistakes. The truth is if you don't know someone personally you really should never trust them too far, just try to work with them for good things and against them for bad.

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And so is everyone trying to shepherd them.

Near as I have seen, Gen Z is just the most divided and radicalized. On one side you have some of the most staunch conservatives, on the other you have some of the most deranged leftists.

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I think you're mistaken friend. While they do have the most trannies and furries, as a generation, they're also the first to trend conservative as I recall.

Basically, Gen Z is just a reflection of the nation; a generation entirely divided, with each side often being far more radical in their politic than previous generations.

I don't think there are accurate stats out there, but basically put, half of gen Z is peak based, and the other half is peak leftist.

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Looks Croatian. Sadly post is fake and gay, and reposted from yesterday.

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Sadly its fake and gay, which the presence of the 21 should have tipped more people off to. Looks to me like the symbol is Croatian but I could be wrong.

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Exactly, and Poland was the only one of significance in recent memory that HAD fought against the Soviet Union (and won, at great cost). Poland by any account I have seen was more than willing to cooperate to bring about the destruction of the Soviet Union, but of course socialists gonna socialist - national or international.

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#4 - the first two were largely against nature, not to be trifled with or underestimated, but the latter two were against the wills of the earthly powers that be - perhaps less potent than nature, but far more focused and directed. Of the latter two, the first was fighting on home territory against an enemy separated by not insignificant distance - and as such, time - which provided an inherent cost to military action to the enemy. The fourth one's enemy has the ability to reach out and touch someone just about anywhere on the globe in minutes with little relative cost and all the will.

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The biggest problem with that all in my opinion is that it basically destroys the rule of law. When police are allowed to so blatantly selectively enforce, it allows them to basically weaponize laws to their own violation. If person A is being attacked by person B with a knife, and the police there do nothing, then when person A pulls out the gun to shoot the person with the knife, and the police shoot person A dead because he was pulling a gun, that is effectively murder; yet, without the most damning of evidence (and even with it), there's a high likelihood the police would get away with that, because they simply chose not to respond to the knife threat but DID chose to respond to the gun threat.

Through this ruling they can also selectively enforce law on some groups but not others. Someone just robbed a home? Look them up, if they're democrat we let them go, if they're republican we arrest them, and so on.

I get that there has to be some liberty of enforcement for police; they can't protect people they don't know are in danger, there are some situations where it would be ineffective and suicidal to attempt to enforce; there is undercover work that would fall apart entirely if police had to instantly enforce everything, and so on, but providing them carte blanche discretion for enforcement is just as bad.

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The only thing I wish people hurried up on is joining their local areas in fighting it! :D

So many people complaining about not enough happening... while simultaneously doing nothing.

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Same with the Soviets prior to the war. Stalin's purges of the military allowed their push back to the gates of Moscow; by the end of the war their military was lead by competent men, but how many millions had to die for them to rise to the top?

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I don't think he is referring to GOP officials, who, as you say, were active in perpetrating evil.

What he is referring to is the people, the voters. While a great many people have been doing a great deal of awesome stuff, especially recently, it really took a LOT to push any sizable number of people to even a small amount of action.

It took overt rampant grooming for parents to finally so much as peep about their childrens' educations. There are an awful lot of us out there that aren't doing enough to peacefully retake the country in the system our forefathers provided us even today, and should we all decide to finally man up and take action we could have Biden out within a year by fixing elections wherever possible and securing a MAGA majority in the legislative branch, then impeaching Biden and his successors until reaching someone of value, if they can be found.

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Even if all things harmful to children were made illegal those same children would still turn out shitty because parents must take an active role in raising their children correctly. Parents that fail to protect their children from pornography will generally fail to raise them well across the board.

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This post is suggesting the opposite, if I read it correctly.

It's saying that the trial was intended to secure innocence of the FBI, etc.

That said I don't think the logic for that is entirely sound, either, because if they could do that I am not sure why they would need to. Why inoculate themselves against a crime if nobody is ever going to prosecute them for it anyway?

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But who would enforce his removal of people in military command?

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On what authority?

Don't you understand? Authority isn't a magical power granted by a piece of paper, authority is granted by the force that backs that piece of paper.

Trump can't fire the top brass because there is no force backing him up to do so.

Trump could not appoint a cabinet of actual patriots for similar reasons: appointees had to undergo approval processes by congress, and you bet your ass they'd block any actual patriots from appointment.

By the looks of it, Trump had virtually no direct power as president, which makes his accomplishments all the more impressive, really. He had a shitty hand dealt to him and he worked it the best he could, sadly it was not enough to prevent the 2020 fraud, though the jury is still out on the future.

Frankly though none of us should be depending on one man to save the entire fucking country, that's retarded and ridiculous. We all have a lot of work ahead of us, and many (daresay most) of us still haven't gotten with the program. It's not enough to keep voting in rigged elections, we have to work to restore the elections too. It is certainly doable for us to save our country through peaceful means, but it requires people putting in the effort and the costs.

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