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Instruction: Get involved locally.

There ya go.

If you aren't sure how, take a look at precinct strategy. Look up and learn to a tee the structure of your local government, and look for ways in.

Most important of all is that we secure the roles that manage elections and voting and the machines etc. We CAN'T let them count the votes in the next election, period!

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Ironically I don't think most of the people that read the Communist Manifesto wind up liking communism. Maybe I'm wrong, but that is the gist of what I've seen.

Same goes for other manifestos like Mien Kampf. I don't think anyone in the even remotely modern day became a Hitler supporter because of Mien Kampf.

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Google Chrome is just his Eye.

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Pretty sure that's exactly what that's about.

If the person is playing the victim game now, how long before they try it again? If they get their way every time they do it, surely they'll keep doing it?

If OP doesn't have documentation proving their location regularly, they'll potentially be in hot water.l

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I'd say human nature is just basically the "default" behavior. Humanity is the unique ability to discern and make our own decisions through free will. My two cents.

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Which is exactly why you're commenting on it, I see...

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I'm not saying you just accept them winning, I'm saying that this is a fight and we gotta learn to roll with the punches and dish our own back if we are going to win.

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This and even if we do manage to stop funneling them money in our spending they'll take it through taxes anyway.

Some might say the next step then is to stop paying taxes, but does anyone really think that if we stop paying taxes they'll just shrug and go "oh well, guess we lost now" and hand over power? Fuck no! they'll take it by force as much as possible. The same people might respond to that with "come and get it", and sure, but at that point did you not buying from company x really make a difference anyway? Of course not. If that's the end game it will happen regardless; if there's another way to solve things then that would cut this entire discussion out of relevance too.

That's not to say fork all your money over willingly; putting the squeeze on it sends a message and shows resolve, and it makes their goals more work.

Escaping it entirely though?

There's an old saying: don't let perfection get in the way of good enough.

If you spend twice as much on some necessity or another just to "stick it to the man", are you really making good use of that money? Is there a better way you can spend that money to help us win?

People are thinking way too binary here. There's a lot of shades of gray and usually the best path lies somewhere in that gray.

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Your statement is not wrong, but the context you're framing it in is.

Every moment that passes the world changes. The old world does "exist", in previous time, however it does not currently exist.

So what? That's time. The world is always changing, and that isn't a bad or good thing.

The world has changed. Maybe people have realized what they thought the world was has never been right. Guess what, they're not alone. None of us are omniscient, our view of the world is pretty much always changing.

Now, I personally don't believe people should feed the machinations of evil any more than they have to. I don't agree with his choice to continue to watch NFL, but what difference does it really make? Virtually none.

Let's put this in perspective here:

Do you really think that it would change damn near anything if we starved out the NFL? If we "starved" out Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, Google, YouTube, etc? No. What, are the elites just going to go "oh well I guess we lose now, you got us!"? Fuck no.

No, if they go bankrupt and they're even decently sized, they'll get a government bailout because they're "too big to fail", or some elite asshole will make it his pet project for his allocation of our tax money.

Maybe the NFL is too big to fail, maybe it's not. If it's not too big to fail, it's probably not important enough to the elites to remain relevant anyway.

There IS value to not feeding the machine, though. It sends a message. It shows resolve. And most importantly, it stops costing us.

See, that's the thing. Amazon will get it's money one way or another. IIRC the majority of its revenue now comes from government contracts or something along those lines anyway. But at least if you stop spending money at Amazon you can keep it yourself, and if you spend it at some better place that supports our cause the money won't be lost from our side at all except for in taxes.

At this point I honestly don't know how much that matters anymore, either, given our currency is quite clearly just a puppet show ready to fail at any moment.

Probably the most valuable thing you can do with your time right now is to fight the elites (local organization stuff, etc.) followed by getting skilled. In particular, skills that will help you even if currency doesn't.

But we all need recreation. Humans aren't efficient without recreation; you could work yourself all day without break and get just as much accomplished as the guy that took regular breaks and only worked 3/4th the day.

Naturally, then, the most effective recreation is the best recreation, as it is maximally time efficient.

He probably doesn't pay anything extra to watch NFL. He gives them ad revenue I guess, but the amount that that matters is almost nonexistent. If it gives him sufficient recreational value, it would stand to reason that the cost is significantly outweighed by the value.

This ties into the greater scale trap that conservatives keep falling into, a trap the left discovered ages ago but has somewhat navigated due to their backing from higher up.

Instead of looking at the bigger picture - at the full cost-benefit - we tend to get hung up on the details. Every time someone like say Texas Governor Abbot does something to help our cause; something great like banning vaccine mandates or helping to ban abortions, we have people trying to knock him down. They pull out the more unsavory things he has done and just want to attack him.

I get it; he's probably not through-and-through MAGA, but do we REALLY have the money or resources for purity tests?

I'm not saying trust the guy to the point of sucking him off or blind faith, I'm just saying that we need to learn to take whatever we can out of a situation. If he wants to give help we should take it and reward it. If he does something bad we should make the best of it and fight it.

In other words, we need to start rolling with the punches.

Purity testing each other over something so horribly irrelevant as whether or not a guy watches the NFL seems to be a tremendous waste of time and resources; instead of facing and fighting the enemy, it sews division and friction. We have bigger fish to fry, better things to spend our energy on, so leave it be.

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Yeah, no, people seem to be forgetting that invading armies need proper food, hosing, etc.

Could they land in the US? Probably. Could they sustain any sort of occupation while their supply lines run through other nations that might oppose them? Probably not.

If they want to go full military invasion of the US (which I highly highly doubt) they'd need to have absolute control of the South Pacific first.

If they want to just control the US, they would do what they've done already; put a puppet government in place. Far more effective for far less cost, at least at the moment. Who knows how that will change but that's another matter entirely.

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Because we're more than just basic animals that follow animalistic nature. We're human beings with FREE WILL, and we are capable of deciding what path to take.

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OOOhhh I like this branding. I like it a lot. I think I'm going to take it, if you don't mind?

You should keep using it too though, it makes a good "slogan".

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Foot in the door? I hate to break it to you but they're more than a foot in the door - they're sitting in every major federal government position and every major corporation in this nation.

I wish it were still just a foot in the door we were worried about.

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I said trusted, that doesn't mean I expect delivery it just means that I know you're working for the right thing even if you fail. I think of these things when I write them out ;D

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Maybe my flight sim hours could come in handy some day after all! xD

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Insert obligatory "tick tock" ;D

I kid though, unlike some people I have a sense of patience AND I know the mighty and honorable War_Hamster is a man hamster that can be trusted!

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I would rather the zone be somewhere where idiots with bad aim can't kill children when they miss. Otherwise yes, bring back dueling!

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#1 problem I've consistently seen here since I started lurking November 3rd.

Seems like every chance there is we have people beating each other up on here or going full scorched earth ideological purity... like wake the fuck up people, we can't afford that right now. We need a couple simple goals we all agree on to push; accomplish them first, fight later.

I think the most basic goals right now are: 1.) Restore the 2020 election. 2.) Protect future elections/restore the election process. 3.) Curb government overreach/bloating/expansion 4.) Fight vaccine and mask mandates. 5.) Secure the border(s) 6.) Protect children from sexualization and pedos

We should be open to receiving help on these goals, even if we don't particularly like the people helping.

We should NOT be:

  • Harassing people that start realizing we're right (no "We ToLd YoU sO nOw GeT fUcKeD lIbTaRd!1!!11!!")
  • Focusing on racial, gender, and other more arbitrary or less significant cultural divisions/differences
  • Wasting energy fighting about the trustworthiness of politicians (If they're helping, take the help and be gracious, but never ever depend on them and be wary)
  • Wasting energy with huge disputes over history
  • Wasting energy slinging around blame instead of spending that energy productively [looking at the people person that takes every chance they get to go off about the "q-tards"]

I'm not saying there isn't value in these things, I'm just saying that wasting energy on that stuff before the above goals are met will take us farther from accomplishing said goals, not closer.

If Ted Cruz gives us an assist in some area, we take it graciously, and keep fighting. If he betrays us the next day oh fucking well I guess, we got a little out of him which is better than nothing.

If they say the election wasn't stolen but want to put a stop to vaccine mandates, we should graciously take their help with the mandates but keep separately pushing the election stuff. We don't need to spit in their face when they offer help just because they don't support election stuff; that's incredibly impractical.

Just have nuance with your thinking. Waste no opportunities, but take minimal risks.

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It should be easy for us - they do it and they don't even know what position we are on things, yet they keep getting away with it. We know their entire agenda and playbook front cover to back, yet we are just too busy/lazy/bored/moral/etc. to try to infiltrate them.

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Sadly I disagree. I live in a highly lemming area, and last I checked stuff is fully stocked and then some. IDK

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Fraud is done most in urban areas, often poor urban areas.

Inner cities often have a high black population.

More votes flipped, "blacks vote democrat no matter what!"

IDK what the real data is for particular minorities, but I know Trump won in a landslide (probably 75% of votes or more!) so I am far from convinced blacks aren't majority voting republican/conservative/Trump.

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The areas targeted the most by cheating tend to be areas where blacks live the most. There's also huge value for them in switching black vote; they want to capture the minority so to speak.

Given Trump's numbers with them were an improvement in 2020, I'd bet that that's indicative of a pretty huge shift.

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This. It amazes me how so many fucking people on "both sides" have been fooled into thinking that fascism, communism, and socialism aren't all just tweaked varieties of the same thing, pretty much.

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