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I do not believe Trump's overall goal with the vaxx was to allow a totalitarian medical tyranny.

The scamdemic perpetrated by the globalists, big pharma, and Dems forced Trump to take action on the Chyna virus in order to secure a 2nd term. If he did nothing at all then he was sure to lose the independent vote and many republicans.

Sure Trump could have said "fuck you, this is a scam, there will be no lockdowns or vaxx" but the millions and millions of voters would have abandoned him at the polls. Trump knew there would be mass voting fraud and he needed to secure as many real votes as he could.

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Which is why Black crime is on the rise. Mob raids on stores, murders at gas stations, wild outrage at whites and Asians. It's going completely unchecked.

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Imagine being Australian. What a bunch of faggots.

Sorry Aussies. But wtf are you doing down there. Upside down.

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I have data on Covid

Twitter: (!) COVID warning

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Black crime is never random. It is predetermined and if it's against whites then it's also racist. We need to start realizing that.

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Twitter gives this a (!) COVID 19 warning.

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Buy a new wheel barrow now while you can so you can tote around your millions of green backs.

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