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So many Christ hating Jews run our banks, media, tech, pharma, porn & bureaucracies...

I will never apologize for noticing. Y’all are seriously gay at this point if this isn’t obvious & absolutely our duty shame them over like Henry Ford, Charles Coughlin & more once did.

To anyone reading this who’s going to call me a Fed, anti semite or deport me - allow me to send you a preemptive message to shove your political correctness up your ass.

Americans deserve to know the truth. Notice them, name them, shame them or else enjoy your damn chains of slavery then like cowards. And when you’re done appeasing the politically correct fag thought police - go apply at the Ulvade PD, you’ll fit right in. “Hate speech” is just free speech Jews don’t like.

Not apologizing for shit. Sick of simp cowards pretending antichrists are not playing a huge role in the global enslavement/collapse agenda.

Wake up or enjoy kissing this country goodbye while heavier chains of slavery are placed upon you courtesy in very large part to anti-American, antichrist, jewry.

“oMG a sToRmFAg!”

Shut up pussy. Read 1 Thessalonians 2:14-16, John 8:44, Acts and start doing Ephesians 6:12 instead of simping like a destructive coward.

Too many fags playing patty cake with the globalists still & trying to score PC points because they’ve been MKJewltra’d to high hell.

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McCarthy is a bitch who let the Dems steal the election with zero resistance or investigations

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RNC is owned by the federal reserve

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Based as hell.

And good job OP not posting to jewtube

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The government hates the constitution and bill of rights.

It’s a road block towards complete tyranny.

Never trust antichrist government.

If you do after the 2020 lockdowns where churches were closed and Walmarts are open? Then bless your heart

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Don’t let up Pedes.

The left’s will is breaking.

Meme hard till the last day even if you’re the last pede standing

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If it walks like a fed and glows like a fed it was probably because of a fed.

Disarm the feds

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Good YouTube channels in under 10 min:

  • history matters - mark Felton’s productions - Jack rackham…Dovahhatty is history using memes.

Should be a good starting point

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Additive mind altering anti depressants & pharmaceuticals had a lot to do with it as well.

Same with diversity & welfare creating fatherless homes

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I’m sick of the idea that “trusting the government” is even taken remotely seriously when they’re the ones who bombs kids in Pakistan & act like we’re the terrorist.

To hell with every fed. They can all rot in hell.

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Hey. But “conservatives” are willing to stomach all this abuse as long as we don’t point out the fact the Kalergi Plan is a Jewish globohomo plot.

Just don’t criticize the Jews gaith

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Filthy fat ass worthless fucks

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