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Mastriano chartered buses to help people attend the Jan 6 rally and he's unrepentant about it

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Most Christians are going to put their religion before their race or their nation, and sometimes even before their own self preservation

I dunno bro, I try not to subvert people’s religious beliefs because Christians are basically the only people in this country speaking out against crap like trans insanity

I think the Catholic Church ought to let priests get married because the celibacy requirement is attracting weirdos to the clergy but hey, at least they don’t allow women to be priests.

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Yes, there are evangelical churches that do that

There’s a Spanish language evangelical church in my hometown

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America has ghettos far more dangerous than any you’d find in Europe

Hell, Baltimore has a higher murder rate than Mexico City

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“Analysis on the symbolism from retruths”

No one is trying to secretly communicate with you

“Do you really think trump would just casually repost a meme that has a Q in it without taking the time to think about it?”


Here’s your big chance to spread the word and open the eyes of a non-believer:

Who do you think Q is and what do you think he wants you to do?

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Vista Outdoor VSTO is the largest manufacturer of ammunition for the civilian market

They’re a great stock whose price is a bargain right now

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There’s also EGIS etf which only invests in companies that don’t fund woke messaging about the 2nd amendment


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Not really, frequently soldiers were the only ones the emperors gave a shit about. There was an emperor or two who was overthrown and replaced for failing to pay troops a generous enough donative, but that was more about spoiled mercenaries demanding higher and higher wages to support corrupt candidates for emperor.

The Western Roman Empire collapsed because they kept letting Germans migrate into the empire and join the military

The Roman Republic turned into a dictatorship because of the creation of a standing professional salaried military. During the Republic Roman soldiers were a militia motivated by civic duty and enemy plunder. After the Marian reforms created a permanent professional army you almost immediately see a descent into generals making themselves dictators.

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He wasn’t raised a Quaker, he merely attended a Quaker run school, sort of like how a lot of modern Americans attend Catholic run private schools including many non-Catholics

The reason to believe he was an ethnic Jew is that his brother and his sister are both said that their father was a Jew.

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You’re asking what changed in America during the +150 years since the civil war?

A lot

For one thing the Democratic Party now actively hates white people, which is reflected in both their policies and rhetoric

The south is also the blackest region in the nation. Proximity to significant numbers of blacks causes white people to lose faith in the welfare state and soft on crime policies.

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Wait, how does it not enter the blood stream?

Where do the proteins that mimic the virus causing the body to produce antibodies go if not the blood stream?

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Seriously though, I’m not saying your theory is impossible, but Lincoln was a blood soaked tyrant who ran a notoriously corrupt government

There was no shortage of people who wanted him dead

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Because the descendants of the brave men who fought against Lincoln’s invading army of conscripts and foreigners mostly vote republican

Well, except for the descendants they fathered with their slave girls, they tend to vote democrat

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Blacks switched to voting democrat in the 30s, when the Democratic Party was still the party of the KKK. They wanted those sweet FDR gibs.

The so called “southern strategy” is a bit more dubious. Generally both parties campaign in the south and whoever wins the presidency usually wins some southern states too.

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Abraham Lincoln was a fag

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