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Got me beat. I only knew one of the two teams until this morning. Then I saw someone wearing an eagles shirt so I figured it out.

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Upvote. Made me chuckle.

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That’s false. We have direct translations from original Hebrew, geek and Aramaic scrolls.

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You didn’t? It’s 2023 that one wasn’t even a tough square to fill.

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Bingo. It’s southern food. There just so happen to be a lot of black people in the south.

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Americans have beeeeeg penis. Chinese penis very small.

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U sure?

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

What if fabric softener gets me going.

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I would have told her immediately that there was absolutely nothing she could say or do that would ever get me to delete that off my phone. I would also let her know it has instantly uploaded to the cloud.

Then I’d say “have a nice day” and walk away.

The entitlement disease must be trampled upon.

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This is exactly what it is all about. One word, and they know it to be true given they hold entire events surrounding it: PRIDE.

When they don’t get to be so proud to be a special unique snowflake their entire existence falls apart.

by Zoinks
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That’s the first time I heard the “my butts been wiped” clip, at the end.

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