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Let us quoteth from the Book of Chapelle, chapter 1, verse 1: they can take a [email protected] up the @ss but they can’t take a joke.

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Safety inspections can take awhile. A delay of a few days can rrrreally mess things up.

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Last time I went into Progresso I hit the pharmacy and picked up some allergy medicine. They had shelves and shelves of antibiotics. I wish I knew what to get and bring back. Are there any links of antibiotics and their uses just to have on hand?

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The doors match. That’s a tip off right there. Everyone knows at least one of the doors has to have primer.

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They have their own missiles - we sold it to them. Broke ass system that hardly works. So they needed more to fill in the holes. They won’t have enough to protect the oil fields. The bad guys also picked up our auto systems that were used to protect the airports. If I wanted to screw people up more, I’d go after the oil fields and set those on fire. We used to not care because we had our own supplies. You already know the rest.

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I think as this plays out - especially in the court system - we are going to find out who the devils are. It could be hospital administrators hanging out doctors to dry. Eventually, they’re going to turn on each other. Then it’s gonna get real.

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My home town. Second time this week. Prescribed medication and refused to do it AND refused to transfer to another hospital. Lawsuit and everyone has buttoned up. Look if they deny this medication they will deny any medication. Because they know better. Because they assume they know better they are overriding the attending doctor and therefore taking responsibility. There are avenues for a hospital to follow if they disagree with care. That’s the chief medical director etc. It’s going to force people to seek treatment at home or somewhere else. Can’t have that. Protect the revenue stream.

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I’m with ya on that. Same question. None of the mRNA for me but I gotta have a Plan B if the squeeze is getting tighter. I have to work. Can’t work if I don’t get the jab. May not be able to fly.

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If ya wear the hat, Wear the boots.

E’rybody knowd dat

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I shared a screen cap of the image. Immediately and quietly taken down. I had no idea. A friend of mine saw my posting and went to get some coffee and came back to read the article - and it was gone. He messaged me to ask about it. I had no idea. I had to dig deep in my profile to find out I was tagged with a violation. I can no longer post an FB ad for 30 days. Geez.

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People from Alabama do not use the word “hoax”. They’d use something like “fake”, “bullshit”, or “dumbass”. But “hoax”? Never.

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We are sitting on thousands of gallons of kerosene, held together by sheet metal, built by the lowest bidder. Let’s light this candle.

But yeah…education. Get yo teaching certificate

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Texan. In his district. Can confirm. 🙄

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