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Indeed. ZeroHedge is a shitrag liberal site. Don't care what they claim.

ZeroHedge is owned by ABC Media, which is owned by Disney Dildo Incorporated. The Kings of Cock-Riding-Rings.

Faggot 'writer' Tyler Turden squeals like a little Bitch that "the Su-27s dumped fuel on and flew in front of the MQ-9 in a reckless, environmentally unsound and unprofessional manner. This incident demonstrates a lack of competence in addition to being unsafe and unprofessional."

Who the fuck writes like that about the Military but a sniveling Ivy League fag, who has only ever typed on a keyboard and who lives in his Mommies 3rd home... with a maid. FFS.

Given the US can't land a fucking computer controlled F-35 on an air craft carrier, that Russian pilot was a master, he used his jet to nudge a POS drone into the ocean. That takes good old SKILL. FFS.

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Thank you for not ceding language to leftists like so many here do. "Trans" does not exist. It's a mentally ill gay man.

I go with, a mentally-ill Transvestite gay man. It truly is the very definition of Clinical Psychosis.

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That Moment when you discover the beloved, kindly old lady next door everyone called Granny and trusted... was a Mass Murderer who did horrific gruesome things to her victims... yeah.

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Their Deep Fakes dancing at the very least.

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We already have the gayerest and retardederest country in history. Lord help us if it gets worse.

Oh boy. The Mark Milley Military Dildo-Ridding Clown Show Went Over the Rainbow to Total Retarded Degeneracy With Them, "lead" / pushed by Milley.

Insert Meme of World War II Veterans going berserk over seeing what their Brothers died for. Man.

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have a feeling he will be stepping down. This kind of fall and head injury at his age....nope he will not return my guess.

I've Been,,, Waiting... Waiting... So... Long... For... This... Moment.

Sweet Jesus, I want to savor it. Turtles All the Way Down.

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He also used to feed human corpses (dead Indians) to his dogs. But hey....

Efficiency! Nature Likes that. Some Indian tribes had their elderly walk, or be carried, out into Nature and left there, specifically to be eaten by wildlife, to continue the Cycle of Life. So...

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Here's at least one reason a segment of society is Dumber.

💉 💉 💉 ...

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The Federal Government is no longer legitimate... Destroying Evidence is Standard Operating Procedure...

Soon, it will be time for the MockingJay...


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And by 'Sat on Board' they mean that Barney, a disgusting Bag of Diseased Whore Nipples, squatted just like he would on his many prostitute boyfriends faces, and gave it to our country, like he 'gave it to them.' Putrid.

I'm going to say it. Why aren't these EVIL Old Rancid Zombies of Filth, DYING Yet? Worshiping Satan seems to be keeping them alive... or something.

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I'm convinced this Ol' Yellin Bitch is as loony, mentally deficient and just plain stupid as O'Biden. Bonkers. Same deal. Which of course means she's "in charge" of the nations money.

As others have noted, she IS bailing out the bank. I'm hoping each step these Hubris Ridden Jackal Parasites From Hell take, it opens the eyes of more and more Democrats / Liberals / "Independents" to what they are doing. They are Evil. MAGA people already know.

If we can reach a tipping / boiling point were enough people have had enough... it should be like Hunger Games - MockingJay Part 4 / the last movie. We start anew under new (NOT leadership) but New Representatives that reflect We The People. History is full of examples. tick...tock...

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From an interview I think i saw, I think she gave the "I'm more effective as a media / journalist than someone in Congress" answer. I recall she had no interest in running. I think. ;)

I would vote for her. She would be 1000 percent more effective than ALL the rectum-sucking Failure Loving RINOs we have in there now. That's a certainty.

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Thus proving, once again, that it is OKAY to be White. Science says so, once again.

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Which stems from inbreeding... I think. <wink>

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