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The tech is great, and it's what's going to escalate humans beyond their limitations, in the same way faming freed us from being eternal nomads.

That said, I don't trust any corporation to be responsible with this. Corporate personhood needs to be abolished.

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And now he cries about it like we're supposed to feel sorry for him.

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"Terrorist" implies they don't have the support of the country they are "terrorizing".

These people are approved, funded, and supported by their occupied governments.

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I have a My Pillow. Green. They're pretty good.

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Any info on the PA elections in this regard? I'll confess I've been too focused on the AZ steal to pay attention to this one.

The usual counting after the deadline of as many fake ballots as needed to "win"?

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I've tried discussing it IRL without talking about WEF and depopulation efforts. Women (mostly) are the ones saying "I don't believe it, why would they do that."

Without an MO it's hard to prove the crime.

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Single anonymous source? What, was the rest of the CIA on paid time off or something?

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"You have a free speech platform, if you can afford to keep it."

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Now imagine asking your neighbors for cash so you could install solar panels, while holding guns to their heads.

A crime unless it's government goons.

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My bar: "don't be addicted to porn."

Your bar: "be completely chaste."


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Brazil still has real men who aren't addicted to porn and fast food.

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Plenty of bots and shills here to generate false consensus. Speak up, sure, but anyone using their brain will be able to make up their own minds.

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Does she not have the support from state troopers and police? She's having her cross the rubicon moment and she's going to blow it.

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Snopes: FALSE. The poll workers didn't scan Democrat ballots twice. They scanned Democrat ballots dozens of times.

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