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They bypass it by making it a "civil rights" issue. Oh local jury didn't find you guilty, oh well, too bad here comes the Feds to try you again saying its a civil rights case now.

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You forgot men having sex with men who are not fags and getting the pox, somehow.

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I would usually agree with that but in this case I think he is just fucking stupid beyond words.

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Yeah but when the shot kills him think about how much worse it could have been.

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I swear he has to be one of the stupidest fucking people on this planet.

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A lot of people still wear masks and mask their little kids, I see it every day. There are still plenty of sheep out there.

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On her long list of issues, I am going to risk it all and say getting a husband is not something she really needs to worry about.

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The FBI is that fag you knew at school but you just sort of ignore while you fucked all his female friends

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I laughed a bit too much. FUCK YOU GLOW FAGS, just sayin.

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Why would you take a test daily for something you have no symptoms. It's like going and getting a flu test everyday just because.

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They will never let Trump back in office but if by some miracle it happens...