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holy shit, shut the fuck up about the jew conspiracy shit. So fucking tired of seeing it on this site.

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I mean, sure but in a race war scenario he'd last maybe a day if hes lucky. The whole thing would be over in maybe a week max if white militias got together to oppose them.

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It didnt backfire spectacularly. NPCs and dem fucktards are focusing solely on "muh top secret stolen files" and other bullshit. They only hear "raid on trumps house" and it stops there. The damage has been done. The only people that know it was all bullshit are MAGA and the media/elites.

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National socialist party.... look it up.

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He was pretty fucking evil. Plus Nazism is communist turd ideology with a shitty bow on it. What the fuck do you morons think NAZI stands for?

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you're fucking delusional. The muslims/joggers will get even more violent and animalistic. They're going to go full rape murder and steal on the whites in Europe. Literal race war.

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who exactly are you referring to as the problem in germany? If its anyone other than the black and muslim migrants, you're a fucking idiot.

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I live in a city thats heavily black, for my safety I dont wear maga gear around black animals.

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It was nauseating seeing them have to stand at attention for such filth. Biden and his cronies see Marines as less than toilet paper and servants.

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I find it hard to believe that 100% of gov (especially military) will be undying loyal and only fight for the communists... very hard to believe that. Dont forget that a metric shit ton of combat veterans are right wing or at least conservative leaning also. But yes, fighting against drones, tanks, etc. will be extremely hard but a guerilla war on American soil will be an absolute nightmare for the gov. It would eclipse afghanistan and vietnam combined ten fold. If the gov faces a determined and motivated patriot guerilla force, they will never win. Their forces would be fearing for their lives every hour minute and second of the day. No highway would be safe. No resting spot would be safe.

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We would be disorganized at first, sure. First priority will be keeping families safe. Also naturally white families will gravitate towards each other, its natural instinct and Im sure the men will then become more organized, head to safer areas and family. Will definitely be a racial component to it because statistically black people are overwhelmingly democrat and pose a bigger threat physically/violently (as opposed to faggot soy dem families) and they also have guns and gang culture. So at first I imagine a big racial component to the war at first, and then better organization and uniting of whatever right wing groups/families/militias etc. and fighting the big picture war. I hope and pray none of this happens and we are able to win in the ballot box.

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