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If they can afford smart phones they don’t belong here (not that they ever did in the first place).

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Just wait. Biden will produce an EO making it an automatic death penalty if we destroy any immigrant’s flag.

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Well then destroy the flag. Nothing can happen to us since you can burn the American flag without consequence. Right guys?

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I’m hoping there will be more understanding between the left (not far left) and the right because we all share the abject misery Dementia Joe has inflicted upon us. Even most of the left see what a mess this country is in due to VAST number of illegals crossing the border and are on the dole as soon as they set foot here. Citizens from both sides have become victims one way or the other from the trash that other countries don’t want and which are sent here. Small businesses owned by the left and right are closing in record numbers due to the ridiculous policies Biden has shoved down our throats. I am interested to see how this will play out at election time.

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If anything people are bullying him about his attire.

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This poor woman will have to deal with this mentally for the remainder of her life regardless of the outcome.

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I replied the same kind of answer. Trump is a huge threat and they can’t get to us unless they get rid of him. They couldn’t care less about martyrdom and they aren’t worried about an uprising. They will bring out their Nazi armies.

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But it also is a day set aside to recognize POWs who went through miserable conditions and torture. Besides, for missing in action, the point is to show support for these families who have no knowledge of what happened to loved ones. I feel these families have been neglected It’s not about the government’s failure to purse the right goal and work harder to bring the missing home; however there could be speeches raising these points and put the focus on the government.

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Add the U.N. to my list which already includes the ACLU as organizations which need to be taken down.

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They obviously didn’t have the same judge and prosecutors as the J6. How many tiers are we up to in our judicial system now?

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What if that same logic was used with suicidal people. They diagnose you as suicidal risk during first appointment. Two appointments later they tell you that you are ok, no worries

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