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I couldn’t agree more. And we ALL saw these signs of cognitive impairment starting in January 2020. There is no doubt they outright stole the election from Trump. He ran this country like a successful business; Biden is running it like a third world country, a BAD third world country. I would rank Haiti first, then the United States.

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I just sent my daughter a post from the Patriots which was about a 21 year old who got the covid vaccine and had to go to the hospital with extreme reactions, all because he had already had covid.

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After seeing a documentary on the Science Channel called Strange Evidence, I’m not going the route of electric cars. CCTV in a parking garage caught smoke coming out from underneath a car and the next thing you know - boom and the car was burning like crazy because they have lithium batteries. They need to find a safe, stable alternative to those things.

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Thank u. I feel we need to be kept informed regardless of the source. I’m not tech savvy but will try to figure this out.

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Why don’t you show some respect to a fellow MAGA supporter you loser. People who are more concerned about being butt hurt than being interested in the content and at the same time condemning the source are definitely not worth wasting my time on. I didn’t post the link and if you want another source for confirmation, just use your search engine of choice. Yesterday I used another site I found for a post (instead of using Fox News) and got called out because I used Google. I really looked forward to visiting this website but think I will drop out because of people like you.

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