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Capitalism is nothing more than the free exchange of goods and services. If you claim it doesn't "love" you, then that is just an admission to being a worthless parasite, devoid of value or merit.

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Because we don't kill them for it. When they commit a conspiracy against rights, as they have done here, they aren't violently punished for it. When they slaughter innocents, we don't slaughter the guilty. When they oppress Christians we don't deport Musilms en masse.

They get away with it, because we don't escalate. Leftists only ever understand "the Chicago way."

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Even if not real, they should both be hunted down.

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Yes. Want to know why?

Because they're supposed to be human. Humans have free will, they are capable of more than just reacting to stimuli like animals.

Therefore, moral decisions are to be expected of each and every human being.

If you are to argue that they aren't responsible for their decisions, then they are no better than animals. In which case they can't be fixed, and should all be swiftly killed as you would any rabid animal.

Both roads lead to the same conclusion, it's merely a matter of whether or not you think that they are people.

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Islam is evil. A Muslim is someone who willingly adheres to Islam. Ergo, Muslims are evil.

Permitting evil to have free reign in your society, is a recipe to have no society anymore.

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The answer is simple. Because live and let live is ONLY for people who abide by it. The fake vax cultists don't.

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"Vaccines" are by definition sterilizing to their respective disease. If you take one, you can never get or transmit the disease in question.

This shit? I doubt even they know what it is, or what it does. It's nothing more than poison.

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They're selling it because they plan on us not needing it. They plan to just surrender the nation to the ChiComs without a fight.

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This. To deny their own role in their abject degeneracy is to claim that they have no agency in their own actions. That they aren't people who can think and make choices, merely animals who can only react to stimuli.

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I understand it perfectly well. I'll tell you.

Blacks are treated with kid gloves. Have been for decades.

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It has very little to do with property. Arson is deadly, indiscriminate violence. Putting down arsonists is a public service.

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Good. It should be legal to shoot arsonists in all fifty states.

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Please Lord, let that illiterate, rapist monkey die of heart failure.

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