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Luckily for civilization in the long term, they're both.

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Even if they don't have any more, what they've already put out is pretty damning.

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Being a pedophile is not a right. Being mentally ill is not a right. Killing children is not a right.

Anyone who thinks they are rights, is guilty of one of the above.

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I support executing them.

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"coexist", the liberals say.

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Why do you live your entire life based on what the enemy says? Are you that in fear of them?

I guarantee they'll use this anti-speech bill in florida as ammunition in 2024.

No one cares. The Democrat party has doubled the price of gasoline, among other things, in the last four months alone.

Stop living your whole life around what a bunch of godless Marxists will say. They're evil. They're going to call you names anyway.

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And this new law will only be applied to intimidating judges?

No, it'll be applied to every leftist terrorist who wants to conduct riots outside of people's homes. BLM leaps to mind. Similar laws already exist against the Klan.

Remember, there is no right to "protest". If your assembly isn't peaceable, it isn't legal.

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45 rounds a minute

Liberals are retarded.

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From their ass. The gist of it is that Clinton ordered the inflation metrics to be "revised" in the 90s to make himself look better. The atrocious mess that Carter created with leftist economic policies was still fresh in people's minds.

Under the original inflation rules we are looking at around 28% inflation rate.

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Of course it's strategic. Has been for a very long time. Carter wasn't an incompetent, he did exactly what he set out to do, weaken the nation and blame the American people for it. Same thing they're doing today.

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I think it's time we drove the "money changers" out of the temple, if you know what I mean.

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It's his job to ask for all the help he can get.

He's presently received more money than his country was ever worth at any point in all of history.

I think it fair to say, even if you assume that he's acting in good faith(he's not), that he has gone well beyond what his job is at this point.

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They clearly want a fight. We should give it to them.

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What the fuck is going on?

You volunteered to kill yourselves because a hook nosed little goblin told you to. That's what is going on.

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You are what you vote for. Whether out of ignorance or not isn't at all relevant to the thirty million dead children.

As far as I'm concerned they're all guilty.

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