The labor theory of value, the foundational principle of socialism, was debunked before Karl Marx was even born.

So in addition to being a liar, a parasite, a plagiarist, a rapist, and a genocidal maniac responsible for more than a hundred million deaths, he was also a piss poor scholar.

Anyone who still believes his bullshit, is too stupid to be considered human.


Fight for your liberties, your freedoms and your future.

Or lose them.

Wrong Branch, Retards (media.patriots.win)
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Most Qualified VP Ever (media.patriots.win)
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You, the patriotic American, aren't allowed to speak. The dirty Marxists and the foreigners get to shout at you, call you names and accuse you of a hundred different crimes. They get to lie endlessly for hours on end, and you are rebuked if you even try to reply.

The future the liberals want to force on us, is to have our tongues ripped out.


SJWs always lie.

SJWs always project.

SJWs always double down.