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"Stop noticing the thing we're doing to you, bigot!"

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So we can put them back in and return to sender, right?

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Holy shit that projection can be seen from Uranus.

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See, this is what I said when we first got news of Tucker getting the tapes and I got down voted

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I hate the show, but every time I see the kinds of people that hate on Trump I think of a Rick and Morty quote; " your boos mean nothing to me, I've seen what makes you cheer."

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they'll love it in wakanda!

Wasn't there a tribe in the Black Panther movies that did that? I've only seen the first one once bit I swear there was amd people were upset about it.

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What he fails to acknowledge is that the reason the 'evidence didn't pan out' is because no judge would touch it with a 10ft pole. It's a political hot potato and no one in the judicial branch is willing to end their career to do the right thing.

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MAGA tall or MAGA short.


by Tesic
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I don't want coverage or an investigation. I want uncut footage released to the public so we can make up our own damn minds.

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I agree. The idea is sound, but the tech, and more importantly the infrastructure, is just NOT there. Pushing EV on the public at this stage is retarded

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I remember her. Real piece of work, that one.

by k-doe1
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The People's President

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Deep red politically

Amish country i.e. no Vax

Farm land

Yeah...that tracks.

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