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They fuckin love it, pure cuckery, Muhammad has been the top baby name in the UK for like 10 years in a row

The pakis will tell you it's not England anymore it's Pakistan

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Your interpretation of the bible seems to stop at Christ's intervention. Every point of view, every single position you take only references the old testament, and your point of view of the Christian himself only references them in the middle ages.

Are there issues within many churches and congregations? Of course, many of them more depraved than you could imagine.

But to pin that behavior on the average Christian and not the authorities or people who are actually doing those things is kind of childish, linear, and simplistic.

I'm just a regular dude, who believes that there is an afterlife, and the only way to get there is to recognize Christ as my savior

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Lmao of course I agree with that statement, it's because you are glaringly sidestepping your actual accusations which is that im the socialist.

The only socialist I see is the guy trying to curtail the conversations he doesn't agree with by slandering anyone who participates

That's you lol you're the socialist

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Lmaooo are the socialists in the room with you right now?

How can you drone on and on and on about the 4 same self materialized afflictions yet also commit to the same unreproachable behavior? This is a narcisstic perpetual cycle for you

There's no socialists here bud, they get banned immediately

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You do nothing more than lump any one who disagrees with you into one big catch all you have designated muh soshalisum

It's one big circle jerk designed to alleviate your desire to control the content on this forum without being designated the actual ability to do so

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Lmao when they say the line there's no evidence

You know there's gonna be evidence

You fuckin losers are basic bitch one trick pony

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Watch out boys we got us a edgy teen here full of angst

Careful you better respect it's pronouns or your gonna get shot


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You're not calling out socialists. You're slandering people because you have some manic conspiracy theory that envelops your entire being on this platform

I am committed to confronting hall monitors

You're committed to being one.

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Im sick of grown men who let other grown men fuck their assholes claim they're conservatives

He's one bad face lift from sucking on a shotgun

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The goal is to bitch smack you fuckin hall monitors who think you are the content moderators

You're a one trick pony with 4 variations of speech capability

I've seen more from a Simon says

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Mad as fuck because you just got put in your place

Lmao big mad

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Lmao no you slander anyone who disagrees with your 4 talking points, a socialist

You are the biggest fuckin loser

You are the living embodiment of groundhogs day

A cancerous outgrowth that provides nothing, a parasite

A basic bitch who lusts for control of others

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You don't have rights in Canada faggot

You have government granted activity

Which means you don't get an opinion about our country

Fuck off you fuckin loser, go find a nice nylon rope and a ceiling fan, tie the rope and do us all a favor and jump, with any luck it will snap your pathetic fucking neck

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It's your duty as a George a. Romero Christian

Or whatever

Just do it

Don't be a bigot

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