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Maybe u can call the cops in Canada on your neighbor for some bullshit but here in Tennessee cops won't just roll down any dirt road to see if I'm vaccinated

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I knew his great grandson or his grandson here in Tennessee. He was homeless and had a stick maze near a burger king he built himself near a creek. When we would go to the BK he would tell us stories when he was on the beaches of Normandy. He had to hide under bodies when Germans would be searching for people.


Wish I got a recording of him... He got kicked out of his maze project and died a little later.

He was 17 when he was onto the beaches.

His name was Glen Lee. Search for it!

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Cheaperthandirt had them for 10 magazines for 80 I believe not too long ago. They're usually 9 bucks each for a windowed magazine. At3tacticle is a great AR customization website too

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Where'd you get them? Ammoseek.com will find u the lowest ammo. But I like to order off of cheaperthandirt.com , bulkammo.com and luckygunner.com I've always had good service from them..

Tho I did just subscribe to federals new monthly subscription for 40 caliber

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bUt iT wAsNt aS BaD reeeeee

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Release them stupid bitches . Why do they think we carry every where we go and have an arsenal at the house . For pricks like them

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Hell yeah. I wire new houses and buildings. Most agree with our values here in Tennessee. Many many people came here from Cali and Oregon but the ones I've met are mostly conservative. It seems the ones that stayed in Cali are libtards

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We're all here for you. Please think positive through this, as we all will too. You keep us updated and let us know if you need anything.

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Yup. Plus I noticed something on the healthcare. Gov commercial, everyone had to pay something other than the black guy. He was $0/month

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Back B4 the Chyna virus hit I got 5555 rounds of . 22 for 180 bucks .... Good days

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Lol. I'm deep in Tennessee .. we have a fuuuuuuuuuuuck ton of people moving deeeeeeeep into Tennessee from the west coast and new York, Michigan... I'm like fuck....

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Right.... That's my thoughts. But I hear there's no problems until u get boosters

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