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Curtesy of u/NormalCupcake, here is a list of the subs thst went private in solidarity:

1,000,000+ Subscribers










500,000+ Subscribers






100,000+ Subscribers









50,000+ Subscribers









10,000+ Subscribers







5,000+ Subscribers


1,000+ Subscribers




Not Private but Posted Public Support

/r/SonicTheHedgehog link

by burrito
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We see what is reported. I removed the post because if was forum sliding, and off topic. Dont jump to conclusions.

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Hey, i removed this because the video was removed from streamable. Feel free to repost it from a different video host.

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Mods never sleep!

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Everyone here should read state of fear by Michael Crichton... The guy who wrote jurassic park, andromeda strain, congo, timeline etc.... He explains, and sites, the global warming hoax. CO2 naturally reflects light from the sun and actually cools the planet.

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And a ketogenic diet. Cancer needs glucose to survive. Studies have shown a ketogenic diet can starve cancer cells and aid in chemotherapy’s effectiveness.

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We have the best forwards folks

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Just saw this. Its top 5 on TD. Maybe we can get something stickied tomorrow, its really late. Better for mid-day.

by Redcap4
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This did NOT age well 🤣🤣🤣

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Cost of housing, cost of gas, cost of rent, state taxes that approach 13%. Unbelievable regulations, registration for vehicles is over 200 a year. Cost of food, cost of electricity, its bonkers. In thd summer here, a normal home running an AC to keep the home at 78-80 a month is 340-400 a month. CA is total shit because of all the fees and regulations.

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Us too man!!! 32 years in CA. Luckily a red county. But my wife and child, mom and dad, all leaving. Considering northern Idaho, or Texas.

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Being a native Californian, every person I know that fled the state to Texas were ALL staunch conservatives... its mostly red counties in CA that are losing the residents. Sucks for CA, but its great for the states they flee to.

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I met Chuck a few times. He was an amazing man. Big ego, but earned through some truly incredible accomplishments. He was always extremely kind, even when I was a 9 year old kid at an airshow. Rest in peace Mr. Yeager.

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Here is some context for those of you not in the know. Lion Ted is offering to present oral arguments to SCOTUS for the PA Case!!

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Not to stand up for the GOP at all.... but running as a republican in a majority dem district in places like Baltimore would cost time, money, and political capital to win.

Not saying we shouldn't, we certainly should, especially now. But i think the reason we hadn’t does make logical sense at least... furthermore, the dems in those districts will absolutely destroy your family, reputation, and name to win. Its a tough sell for most people to be willing to endure that kind of bullshit.

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