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I almost put Mudshovel on this lol

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Reminds me of sitting at a duck blind man. Just you, family/friends, your dog, and a box of 3.5 inch steel shot. Nothing better.

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LOL he would use the “periwinkle” crayon

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Ive never heard him talk politics. Not sure his beliefs, but I enjoy his music

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CONGRATS!!!! Now get on making all the babies and raising them right. We need new generation of based kids… badly

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Legit one of my favorite youtube vids lol

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Not been here long eh?

Late night crew has been around for years. Its typically a place for our late night shitposters to communicate. I have always done music themed late night crews. Kick back and enjoy the tunes, share some of your favorites.

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Only feedback I have is to make “pinned” content more obviously pinned. May just ber personal preference but I have always disliked the thumbtack pin. Change colors slightly, do something more obviously denoting the sticky/pin.

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You are doing gods work. God bless you.

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This is the art of the twitter troll. You dont need to be edgy, or an ass. Ask questions and let them research it. Just know your crap before you start.

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Curtesy of u/NormalCupcake, here is a list of the subs thst went private in solidarity:

1,000,000+ Subscribers










500,000+ Subscribers






100,000+ Subscribers









50,000+ Subscribers









10,000+ Subscribers







5,000+ Subscribers


1,000+ Subscribers




Not Private but Posted Public Support

/r/SonicTheHedgehog link

by burrito
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We see what is reported. I removed the post because if was forum sliding, and off topic. Dont jump to conclusions.

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Hey fam, make a post and we will sticky.

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Hey, i removed this because the video was removed from streamable. Feel free to repost it from a different video host.

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Mods never sleep!

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Everyone here should read state of fear by Michael Crichton... The guy who wrote jurassic park, andromeda strain, congo, timeline etc.... He explains, and sites, the global warming hoax. CO2 naturally reflects light from the sun and actually cools the planet.

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And a ketogenic diet. Cancer needs glucose to survive. Studies have shown a ketogenic diet can starve cancer cells and aid in chemotherapy’s effectiveness.

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