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Full stop

If your toddler can do that to you, you are doing it wrong. Whatever consequences you have are not working.

Look up the book “STANDING ON THE PROMISES” - both audio and written available.

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These people live in an alternate dimension.

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If that is what you think it takes to save the country, then we should be good sooner than later. Sadly, I’ve read Romans 1 and understand what the end is for a nation that rejects God.

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Yes, of course you are right. What does the creator of the universe know about family dynamics?

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The election results of the Texas primary made me realize how many people are not paying attention.

We are like the band on the Titanic at this point, except we are making memes.

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An absolute disgrace. How could they keep that freedom taker in office. More masks for the kids please!

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We have the remnants of a culture that held to a Christian worldview. It started to breakdown before the 1900s. Porn was creeping in earlier than most realize. Evolutionary theory took over Science™️. Teens in active rebellion was seen as a part of life. We replaced God with government and we wonder why society started to fall apart in the 50’s.

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I’ve been trying to go Gab for awhile now. It is superior for political and Christian commentary, but sucks for fluff and Covid stuff. At least to me.

Hopefully Trurth fixes that.

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If you’ve never done “crypto” here is what I would do:

  1. download Coinbase
  2. Setup a weekly buy for $10, $25, or whatever you can afford.
  3. Let that get going and look into getting a private wallet (like Trezor).
  4. Choose an amount - say $1K worth of Bitcoin - to transfer to wallet when it reaches that amount.

Just keep repeating step 4 until the dollar collapses.

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People are so clueless about THIS side of crypto. All they hear is the "get rich quick" on Coinbase or something.

That got a lot of us in, but we stayed once we understood how much power it gave us over our money.

Bitcoin going up an average of $10 a day is just icing on the PRIVACY cake.

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No, it was made for a nation that loves sin. Almost everything people sang along to yesterday will send them to hell for eternity. Repent while there is still time.

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3 months later... finally getting around to this. I'll let you know if I have success.

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