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I'm not a scientist but from what I understand about this outbreak, it's quite serious.

This strain is called the "Democrats down 11 points to surging America First prospects on generic House ballot, way outside the margin of fortification- variant"

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The Green movement is watermelon. Green on the outside, commie red on the inside. We kneecap ourselves and then beg the cartels(OPEC, Russia) to produce more. We were the full spectrum energy hegemon, not being that in 11 months is an act of omission and commission.

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Trump was right about the media

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If only we give them more tools and liberty they'll keep us safe. At the end of the day it's a shakedown racket but the vig this time is total surrender.

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Of course that right-wing, nutjob conspiracy theory fever dream that must be purged from the internet, media, and society is THE EXACT SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEM WE CREATED!

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Disney still makes you wear masks. Fuck them, fuck Chynah, fuck the vaxx, and fuck Biden

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Replacement migration

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Media is the Pentagon

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