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"Olympians watch their diets very carefully, and you should too!"

"Okay! Michael Phelps ate like a whole pizza after swimming practice..."

"Noooooooo don't be Michael Phelps!!!"

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I had to fly (Delta) for a time-critical family emergency...and I did see stewardesses telling people to put their masks back on when they weren't eating or drinking.

I slowly nursed my drink so that whenever I heard them coming I could just put it up to my lips. They never bothered me.

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Chief: “Everybody’s got the right to free speech.”

Freedom haters: "Everything I don't like is shouting 'FIRE' in a crowded theater REEEEEEEE!!!!"

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Another company admitting it's about the mandate and not the effectiveness...

...because if Covid had a 10%+ mortality rate and the vaccine was actually a vaccine and maybe had even a 2% mortality rate...they wouldn't be backing down.

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I think the opposite would happen. The governor and the feds would bring their forces out to protect the illegals crossing the border. And the media and brainlets would cheer them on.

The propaganda would be so sexy...poor defenseless desperate people trying to escape poverty being hunted down by alt-right supremacist gun-toting maniacs.

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They echo a point similar to one I've been making: 80,000 Americans allegedly died from H1N1...where were the mask mandates then? Where was the rushed vaccine?

I like to corner fearmongers with fallacious statements like "For all you know you could have spread H1N1 to someone asymptomatically and killed them" and "So 80,000 deaths in a year is acceptable then?"

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Salon starts their headline as "In a rebuke to Biden,"

I know right? How absolutely DARE the FDA not carry water for Biden!

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Time to hit the fans with "Why are you dissing her? She couldn't have gotten this far without being smart and talented! Are you as smart and knowledgeable as she is? No, then maybe you should listen!"

Because you know they'd use that same logic with late night hosts.

EDIT: Nevermind that...just call those fans racist!

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If Trump were president (not that he would be so reckless) you know there would be hell to pay for what happened.

It would be all over the front pages of every news site, social media would be screaming for justice, and protests would be held.

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I hope that one positive thing that comes out of all this is that people who are sick will actually stay home.

One time a co-worker caught something while vacationing in another country just before returning to the states, and they got me sick because they "just had to go into work because they had a lot of catching up to do."

What a crappy week that was; and the whole time I thought "Who gets a bad cold in the middle of summer!?"

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Even if you're not fat, exercise and healthy eating will go far. I know people who look great but have above normal cholesterol levels.

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They changed the definition again recently; now sunlight and multivitamins are a vaccine.

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Me: "So how serious are you about wanting your friends and family to take the jab?"

Them: "I'm willing to disown my friends and even my own family forever even if they have natural immunity."

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I still rue 4chan for the "okay hand gesture means white power" troll. The left made it real and now if you try to signal that you're okay, you stand the risk of some leftist getting triggered.

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  1. Tell the administration there are proud boys and other right-wingers on the border
  2. Administration tells generals to carpet bomb the border
  3. Profit!!!
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The FDA says the vaccine is effective? No complications? No boosters needed? Not needing to go to the hospital? No ill effects while being around the unvaxxed?

(gets popcorn)

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Woo! All those millions of dollars and years of digging have finally paid off!

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I saw a retarded FB post from a person who believes America was in its heyday when the rich were taxed 90% because they would "put their money into infrastructure."

Their post was so long I could tell there was no chance I could reason with them.

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