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help from daddy usually means they have no bank account of their own.

just access to their parents money.

which is even worse.

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barry... agreed with Bush

its funny when i test libtards with

why is obama so great?

and then they proceed to list all the things Bush started and barry finished.

fucking lol

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saul of tarsis, spent his ENTIRE LIFE as a lawyer persecuting Christians of his day.

then later in life, became Paul.

what we are seeing today is all the retards that are currently posing at Saul-yet-to-be-paul.

i will hopefully be long dead by the time they become paul

one of the greatest things God did for me, was to have women reveal themselves to me early in life.

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ever met a woman who, at the age of 25:

  • has 20k in the bank

  • has her own house

  • no debt

  • is a virgin


that would be, a professional-aged person, maybe having graduated college.

has saved about 12k a year for three years, since college. and funded a house purchase

isnt that weird how low our expectations have become?

because i can tell you that was 100% of my college male friends until they were about 28.

and when a man is looking to judge a woman for her sexual past.

its REALLY about seeing whether or not she invested IN HERSELF.

and not just riding the carousel, hoping to win the lottery.

ffs. show me a 25 yo female with ONE of those bullets, above...



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anal porn, first date

first of all, lol.

ive never been asking by anyone that, let alone on a first date.

porn is a semantic thing; you see. its dopamine and other chemicals in the brain.

thats it.

women are jealous that i spend time with my friends doing shit with cars.

not even sexual. not even close. its cus i get dopamine from something they dont control.

thats it.

its always half control half gate-keeping with them.


its not just porn. thats a simple red flag test for me.

because, through you life, it will be other things.

you see, older women automatically think im selfish

cus i have means and money and time and i spent it mostly on me.

and when they ask me

dont you want to get married and half a family?

i say sure

introduce me to some, that makes the money i make and has what i have. as equals

and they never ask me again.

odd, no?

maybe im biased cus i have time and money and i have not yet met a woman, as a peer with the same life.

show me, a group of single women, virgins!, who have

  • 50k in the bank

  • no debt

  • their own house

just THOSE three! im not even requiring viriginity or anything 'sexually conservative'

go ahead, ask around. i had that in my early 30s. show me the same women!

i will go up to the 50s, just to be generous.

and you are on dates with people asking about anal sex



man. no fucking wonder.

someone thinking longterm

just lol


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shes using a dating app at 21+...

your "wife material" has already peer-bonded in her teens.

the few that didnt ride a dick roller coaster into their 20s are lying to you and themselves.

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OP dodged a bullet.

women enslave men with sex-gate-keeping.

pr0n usage means you cant be ensalved.

funny this age of women wanting to get back to sexual-conservatism.

if only to curb men; they will continue to be some version of a prostitute, until the end of time.

realizing that this women was born circa 2001+

fucking lol.

the running theory would be shes already alpha-widowed
with a double digital body count in high school.

meandered through college. no surgeon-boyfriend-with-a-ring took her bait.

and so now wants to try her hand at trad-wifing, before college ends.

while she, ostensibly, still has her 'looks.'

but then ironically doesnt realize the folly of using dating apps.

all owned entirely by jews to make whores of women; ease of access.

under the guise of 'sexual freedom'.

the irony in telling the guy its his fault for his 'lack of impulse control and lust'


how dare you give into your evolutionarily evolved mind!

tards blaming porn, meanwhile addicted to the dopamine release they get from all the social media sites...


your caveman ancestors drew porn on cave walls

a man's desire for a women, in all aspects is literally evolution.

these women, want slaves. not a relationship

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its a vertical recording of a horizontal video file on another device.

the video itself is damning.

but the conversion of a conversion, to me, is also a tragedy

by educare
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good catch. i havent experienced anything with bots.

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everything is on sale! buy low, sell high

its funny in this internet age of instantenous-viewing

that they think people dont talk instantly about their shit-sandwiches.

jews mad

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was likely failed coolant pump for the batteries.

yes, you tesla owners, your cars have coolant and pumps.

and yes they fail.

i recently rented a Model Y from hertz.

it took 40% range to go up the mountain. 38miles.

it took about 28% to come down the mountain.

if you do a simple math. that car can actually go about ~100miles.

BUT somehow, at 80% charge, it tells me i can go 260miles...

sure it can...




then at a popular fast-charge site near the airport.

it said i can only charge to 80% cus others are waiting to charge as well...

the whole thing is lol-worthy.

that weekend experience with a tesla solidified my position.

own the stock, not the car.

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a medicine Trump invented


he was betrayed by people he trusted; that we all trusted, to help us.

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just leave it

my point. he didnt something that he knew would take time to dismantle

and in the meantime, would prevent border crossers.


while he rolled over sure. his actions still carry their effect.

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ah. but then again theres nothing that brings a bigger smile to my face

than the news some lib in their 30s 'died suddenly'...

its fucking incredible.

keep vaxxin you libtards!

i will gladly pay for it!


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but as the cargo wall stands. its preventing trespassers, no?

and will do so until the months it takes to remove.


so it works as it stands, yes?

roll over or not. someone has to go take it down.

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i dont listen to cucks less so rogan.

but rogan has a larger audience than CNN.

and that made them so butthurt...

and now oh. thats right. theyre all about to be assblasted into the street.

its fucking hilarious.

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  • wont release video
  • wont say who unlocked the magnetic doors
  • all the attendee videos show the glass portions removed in doors
  • show being ushered into the buildings
  • the two doods they say died, died somewhere else from something unrelated.

all the actors waiting around for ashley to be shot.

nobody panicked. every one just stood in their spots.

doods going to move and then back to the stairs.

they cremate ashley's body so no one can question it.

we find out the shooter is being 'protected' or held in a military base.

"everything wrong with the january 6 -riots- in 15mins"

tells the tale. great commentary

later we find one of the 'witnesses' there sold his video to msm for 50k

then you understand how it all works.

its literally fucking theatre

then her 'husband' gets caught with some late night faggotry

but the spin machine isnt working correctly...


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