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ive read superman all my life.

its funny cus when i was young, i thought superman was clever.

always stopping luther, right in the nick of time...

then as i got older

i realized, if superman was a real kryptonian

he would have made it so the world never knew luthor existed

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just a reminder that it took a white man to reclaim star war's epic dumpster fire that was brought about by a woke woman.

and he did it with basic shit.

good story. good writing.


but im glad disney lost BILLIONS in revenue.

nobody even considers those hot garbage movies as part of star wars.

its hilarious

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my post history had me supporting him; please forgive me

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all he has to do is show up with a tshirt:


and watch them react.

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if Barack was away and it was just me and the girls at the house, i would like a shotgun or something ... - Michelle Obama

in other words;

libs get guns to 'defend' themselves

anyone else they dont like is a criminal

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this is about sending the message that


and im just going around putting FuckJoeBiden stickers up everywhere

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its burb of detroit; nothing was lost

is like saying they are in charge of the US's largest trash dump site

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he would be shot down by conservative black folk before white folk even got out of bed to make breakfast

let alone be able to make it past Rooftop Koreans or SealTeam Sikhs

i mean, Rittenhouse alone!

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killdozer; millions in property in damage

only one victim; its creator

imagine for a moment.

a few thousand people

having access to bulldozers.

driving them remotely via VPNs...

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take five minutes of your life; when you see BRC bottles in any place, move them

i dont care where. act like you are going to buy them all and put them somewhere else

ive been doing it ever since that douchehat went all 'online tough guy'

so i make sure, when i see his shit, i make it achingly obvious to 'redistribute' those bottles

once, i put all the bottles in a cart and took them to the baby diaper aisle.

and bought my oil and went home.

i do this as much as i can.

their CEO makes me seeth.

so this is my protest.

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the profiles are not locked long term; hence the push for booster shots.

you need to keep the populace ignorant and suppressed until theres none left to fight it.

hence all the big push to make anti-vaxx people as terrorists. hence all the big push to make parents as terrorists.

we are at war. act accordingly.

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all cus this transient jewish family couldnt buy into being british 'royalty'

centuries later. STILL NOT ROYALTY. (not that it matters)

oh my keks

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the poignant sniper strikes again

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lemme know when you find my sheckles so i can 'deposit' them.

my sides

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these are the same people that still think Trump colluded with Russia to destroy that cunt hilary.

they could give two fucks about actual facts, science or evidence.

you are wrong and they will spend the rest of their lives trying to convince everyone so

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my CNC machines make gun shaped toys out of aluminum.

do i need to register my tungsten carbide milling bits?

or mark the electricity i use to run my machine as having the ability to 'make guns'

cus i will get right on that

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i could only dream they try to censor him...

my DWAC shares would moon faster than than he can make TSLA go precipice.

its a digital secession; can you feel it?

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their attempt at 'counter-culture' as its own populism, got (some of) them killed.

im SO sad

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