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There is no living in unity amongst Communists. They must be undone, permanently for the good of all mankind.

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You must have missed the 74,000 votes with no chain-of-custody paperwork. I’m sure evidence doesn’t matter to you though. By the way, how many genders are there?

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A big reason why I was disappointed in Trump’s decision not to start the Patriot Party. But I understand his logistical concerns.

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Hahahah, as if she even believes in God.

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The only problem I have with this is that everything you said is overly apparent. I can’t fathom a reality when it’s helpful to say something like “The Constitution is dead.” Besides the only people who would read this are people like us who already know how bad the corruption is. Black-pilling is a government psy-op: change my mind.

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Black pilling for the sake of black pilling is equivalent of the founders saying, “Freedom is lost. The Brits have won.” They haven’t won until they win. So shut the fuck up and fight. America lives in all of us. Krista Branch sang it best: “I am America; One Voice, United We Stand.”

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A man who doesn’t shy away from admitting his mistakes is the only type of man worth following.

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The solution is simple: Term Limits and a complete neuter of the Federal Government’s domestic legislative and executive authority.

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The order of operations in that equation wouldn’t even change the answer if you worked from Left or right. The parentheses used doesn’t even change the end result! LOL, retards.

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He’s also an avid reader of Marx, very clearly a Communist.

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I pray that she will be okay. My mother and father both took the vaccine as well. I’ve been quietly keeping my out for their conditions to change.

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A small number will stand up. It is always a small number wars are fought with millions, not hundreds of millions.

Also fuck you FBI agent reading this. I’m being hypothetical of course.

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Disgusting swamp creatures. The best evidence we have of voter fraud is Washington's denial it ever occurred.

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2 agents of the past few months have been arrested for molesting children. Not suprising.

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The time between the Boston Tea Party and Lexington and Concord was nearly 2 years.

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Vaccine test subjects don’t like to work to begin with. They’ll have a hard time replacing you, no doubt. Good job!

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I get your implication, but from what I can tell the only 2 house reps in Congress with any balls are both women.

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These fools literally believe this thing is the plague. It’s hilarious.

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Idk where you’re from, but in rural Virginia store employees were literally told to stop asking people to put on masks because it was a waste of time. And Virginia is a “blue” state. cough fraud

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Honestly was hoping they would make up a phony charges and attempt to arrest Trump, just to see how it would turn out. The have all the motivation in the world to find everything wrong with him, and it’s all a nothingburger.

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As a Virginian I concur with this statement.

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No link yet. They reached out to me only today.

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