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A term my late friend used was Piciolo player. He disliked him every time they met

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No like usual people use Religion to lord over people to commit evil for them. I know it's genetics to believe in some thing higher than your self. You have to ask your self if these people can do this evil why do any religions claim to be good and pure. They have also done similier things.

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You could argue that it's the People's house. meaning that every American Citizen owns a part of it. It's not tresspassing if he already owns it.

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No one would pass your purity test. I'm a ex-Dem, now MAGA who is a athiest. If I was in office and MAGA I would vote MAGA all the way down. Get out of here with this closemindness

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Think of it like the Mafia. The leaders arent out there in the streets. They tell a underling to do what needs to be done that underling then telld the one who will do the deed. If you snitch or screw up you get wacked. The leaders are far removed from the illegal crap. That's why they call the dems the DNCmafia, because thats how its run

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It attracts tin pot dictators. Think HOAs its the same type of people. People that just want a little bit of power. I hate people like that and that is why I'm self employed

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