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Funny, no one takes this stance with any other shooter in history. No one gives a damn how the angry white man felt before he decided to storm a school and shoot a bunch of people. Never.

But because this shooter is trans, it's suddenly about how THEY FELT or how DIFFICULT their life might have been that drove them to this action.

Fucking. Sick. Fucks.

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It's almost as if you should stop using Microsoft and Apple products. Jesus Christ, people. Wake up.

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It was never legitimate.

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Meanwhile, all of the boomers in their 60's and 70's that grew up with Gas Stoves in the house... somehow lived to that ripe old age without asthma and other problems...

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"Gas cookers"

ie: Those things that run on NATURAL GAS, which is the cleanest burning fuel in existence..

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The fact anyone expected different really says a lot about the blind, ignorant cucks on this site.

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So what we should do is...

Continue using their products.

Just like voting...

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Well, not everyone can be a conspiracy theorist. First, you need a brain.

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Don't worry. We'll get them next election cycle. We'll watch all of the poll stations! We'll put stickers on everything! We'll wear colorful hats and wave flags! We'll vote harder than we've ever voted before! Because if we do all of these things, including vote hard enough, they can't cheat their way out of it!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep doing the same things we've been doing because it's been working quite well so far!

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And whenever you bring it up, you're shouted down, shamed, and labeled a "conspiracy theorist" or "doomer".

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Yet another "Conspiracy Theory" proved true. Having a good track record so far...

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I would wager the police are the ones who killed her in retribution. They're a huge state sponsored gang.

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These same police would arrest you for not wearing a mask in a public place. Or refusing to get a jab. Or any number of other violations to your human rights. But okay, you can keep licking their boots.

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