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Abramovik... an elder.. involved in ritual sacrifice.. satanic worship.

They choose people, and have the chosen cut into pieces and butchered alive by their retarded minions... who could be anyone. Beware the cities.

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Since a good % of em are fighting aged males... and a % of those are coming from prisons... these people are being embedded in the cities, some are going to get recruited and armed by groups like ms13, which are ALREADY in these cities.. this is a fucking mess, and any governor doing this is guilty of aiding an enemy invasion.. this isnt humane, this isnt right.

The gov could be building refugee camps at the border instead.. and then vet these people.

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Its like wishing for an insane person to regain their sanity... wanting a homeless person to get it together.. praying that a heroin addict stops using..

Itd be nice, not likely though

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All you fags treat this guy one way, despite all these rumors.. yet youll turn your backs on your own neighbor if the pill smoking cunt down the road says he grabbed her tit or some bullshit.

A lot of you owe someone apologies.

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Funny how he sticks his opinion out there to defend an entire country thats full of criminals..

Its like me saying theres no drug traffic in Mexico.

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No black actors should ever be allowed to play black historical characters again. Make a movie about Nelson Mandella, and its going to be played by a Mexican or Philipino.

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Maybe not in your circle.

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Early millenials are basically gen x

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So she thinks her family died because people didnt wear a dust mask. lol

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He should get 1 year in prison for every person in taiwan that the chinese kill.

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What about her? That she could beat your brittle fat ass. Dont let your titties weigh you down.

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Go scream at your kids, bitch male. You prob have tits.

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