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I hear you on that. I lost a "friend" because the day it was clear Trump won, she was screaming and crying that "Roaming rape gangs are going to take over the streets, I weep for myself and all women!!!"

It was too much.

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Considering I have friends and family in law enforcement, I'd get advanced notice. And even if I didn't, once it's out that the government is black bagging us, it's to the hills and cabins.

Do you live in the city or something?

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I'll take one for the team.

I don't care if I die a horrific painful death of the jab leaking my guts from the inside out if it affords me opportunities.

In the words of Rambo, I'll give them a war they won't believe. And it'll be from the inside.

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My sister and nephew got the shot too. My best friend did too.
I don't want them dying, ffs.

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Get the fuck out of here, shill.

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Me too. These people would never say this out loud face to face.

And also a lot of Twitter is just the narrative trying to be driven. We can see which way they are pushing by all the paid shills and bots. "White supremacy" and "murderer."

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You are absolutely right. The "white supremacy" "murderer" angle is the SOROS marching orders for Twitter/Social Media.

It's pretty good salt, but what we are seeing here is the hired goons to get on Twitter and just regurgitate the feces they've been licking from Soros' ass.

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"This account doesn't exist."

Hiding the evidence, but the internet never forgets.

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Reading the salt on Twitter today shows me that most Leftards only read headlines. The amount of people that lead with "Well he illegally crossed state lines with an automatic machine gun..." is VERY high.

Those are the willfully ignorant.

Then you have the pieces of shit that are like "WHITE PRIVILEGE EVEN THOUGH HE IS HISPANIC HE IS STILL WHITE." and those I just ignore. Bots.

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Cheers, Kyle!!!!! Way to hold the line, man.

God Bless You.

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Buddy, there is more than a few bad apples on here. It's the internet, you just deal with them and move on.

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Are you a leftist? You sound like a lefty.

I didn't expect it to gain much traction, considering it's a few days old now and there are bigger things to chat about.

Speaking of which, where's that same story from "a few months ago"? Still waiting, cuck.

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He's pretty right more often than not.

Where's your stuff? Who should we quote? Or are you one of those fucking retards that thinks anyone that strays from your strict line of thinking is a "grifting leftist" ?

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Still waiting for you to link me my own personal story from "months ago" but is happening now.

I mean if you can't, it's cool. I understand because it's happened this week, but go ahead. Please. If you can find this same exact story magically, then please. By all means. Show me up.

I'm waiting.

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That's fucking awesome, can you show me where? Because this is happening to my family this last week.

Go ahead. I'll wait.

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These are the same people that think Rittenhouse fired indiscriminately into a crowd of joggers.

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That would be weird then, because it's a personal story that's happening this week.

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Sure, man.

I'm sure the next thing you'll be spewing is how the Holocaust didn't happen. You are right up there with Flat Earthers.

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You've got a real hardon for Jews, don't you?

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I thought Rittenhouse was Hispanic?

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There's not a damn EMT or Paramedic I know or have worked with that would go in their off time into that shitstorm. lol

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