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Everyone there chanted FED FED FED at the fucker. They knew what was going on. Didn't stop some Antifa moles from driving people into the building the next day.

The fact of the matter is the left has organizers that specifically train on how to organize a protest of 250,000 people and keep them from falling for this shit. Until the right learns how to organize we'll keep being sitting ducks for the left's dirty little tricks.

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I was reading somewhere else, think the GamerGate reddit, where they talked about the original book cover.

See, there are two definitions of "healthy." One from the Northeast, and one from California, based on a lot of things including German Nudists brining their health craze with them from Europe, of all the things.

Obviously, a 400 pound woman is not, nor ever will be, "healthy." But, all things considered, she might be healthier than she could be.

Which is the trick. One is talking about relativeness to the entire female population. The other is talking about relativeness to the morbidly obese hamplanet population.

Of course, the trick is, with all leftists, to force them to stick to one definition and refuse to let them squirm and hide in the cracks they create in the dictionary.

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Is it as much as they allowed her lies to stand or they have long since given up getting that idiot to understand anything?

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There is absolutely no way they'd give the SCOTUS the actual mRNA shots. Half of them would be dead by now.

That bitch is on an Ivermectin and Zinc cocktail just like the rest of DC.

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Beyond just that, DJT is really good at A/B testing. He tests his message out by changing it slightly at different events until he gets the phrasing down.

He's figured out "get the vax" isn't a winner, but "fuck mandates" is. So he'll stop saying the former so loudly and start saying the latter moreso.

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Supposedly they do have a town called "America" for that very reason.

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Affinity Groups is literally something out of the Marixst playbook.


From "Listen, Marxist!" by Murray Bookchin, 1969. The entire thing is what Antifa does, in order to make it difficult to use anti-terrorist or RICO laws to shut down Antifa cells.

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There's a difference between what we can comprehend and what we can "comprehend."

Yes everyone knows this was entrapment. But until that's proven, it's "incomprehensible."

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Sorry, that was a 4chan meme. Thought it would go over better, haha.

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Aww sweet, a schitzo PDF!

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The number of adult diapers Joe requires on a daily basis alone would make the trip unfeasiable.

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I love how the picture of him, even in this meme, is CNN style whitewashed to the point he almost looks latino.

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Remember that modern Gun Control laws, including the Assault Rifle narrative, came from Democrats who were terrified that Black Panthers had armed themselves to patrol their neighborhood against Democrat caused violence.

So yes, Republicans absolutely would be fine with that -- but the Democrats have NEVER been ok with their slaves and serfs and pets arming themselves.

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Mistrial with prejudice would be a win, but yeah, sounds like it didn't go so great today.

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He still can, I believe. The defense had to wait till they rested their case to file for the directed verdict and mistrial w/ prejudice, didn't they?

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No, it's brilliant. The defense doesn't want to let binger to bring in the pinch and zoom expert. This cockblocks that. Anything left he can just ask other witnesses, such as Black's expert testimony.

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Juries are full of people too stupid to get out of Jury duty

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Lincoln Project, much like the former organization the Reagan Battalion, are ostensibly Repbuclians, but are really Uniparty moles designed to dilute the right and cause infighting. Specifically, both groups were designed to create anti-Trump sentiment in the GOP.

By stepping on this landmine for them, they let the media and the VA DNC claim that this is just crazy Republicans fighting other Republicans. "He's so evil even the evil Republicans hate him!"

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I believe Lincoln Project was behind it zero percent.

I believe Lincoln Project realized the VA Dems screwed up and they took the blame so the media and VA dems could dismiss it as "racist republican infighting."

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The prosecutor was completely losing it over this, it was quite funny.

Nick Rekieta covered this part of the trial today during his stream, and he pointed out the Prosecutor's game. He wanted to use the term victim, because it prejudices the jury against Kyle. He was gonna chant the word Victim. 50+ times during his opening statement if he could.

The prosecutor was ranting about how every other court in the area lets him do that.

Lets him cheat.

But as Nick, and the Judge, pointed out -- Calling them victims presumes Kyle's guilt. The other courts are WRONG.

I'm hoping the prosecutor slips up and gets a mistrial.

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The leftists are currently winning because they have at least 3 groups -- BigTech, The Communists, and the NeoLiberals -- who fucking HATE each other but are willing to work together to fuck the right out of their country.

100% my ass.

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It's not enough that they have the right to choose for themselves.

They have to choose for you, too.

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It's worse than that, actually.

The left doesn't believe that systems can change dynamically. They believe systems must remain absolutely static unless acted upon by the left, and only the things they change can change -- everything else must remain the same -- no side effects. Furthermore, systems can only change in one direction (more leftward, more "progressive"), right wing changes are not allowed and undoing their changes are not allowed.

With this in mind, something like defunding the police isn't allowed to cause crime to rise. It's not allowed to cause a reduction in services. The police simply will have to keep the same level of service with less money, because those are knock on effects that aren't allowed.

They can't grasp the concept that leftist policies and pipe dreams might have negative consequences. Or any consequences, in reality.

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Males are useless to the Uniparty, other than cheap slave labor.

Females, on the other hand, can create anchor babies.

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