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haha putin bad cuz the corrupt usg that signs my checks told me so

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The tiny girl is easy to mess with and log in paperwork so it seems like you're doing your job.

Actual criminals are dangerous and hard to find because they've often been doing it long enough to know how to dodge police.

You're a bored cop with no care for justice and ethics. What're you gonna do? Mess with obviously innocent people who you know will never push back and might help you meet your ticketing quota, or drive around trying to find someone who you know nothing about?

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I did read the rest.

God told me to dash the children of my enemy against rocks.

You're heavily focusing in on single out of context, badly translated quotes while ignoring the overarching storyline and messaging.

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It's almost like their goal is to demoralize and demonize young men — the group most likely to challenge our ruling class.

You can tell he had a lot to say and was forced to hold back so as to not get attacked by the "left" and the "right" combined.

We know who are the corruptive elements in control of the government, but you get banned from everything and harassed if you point it out.

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possible to hate the state department and be pro American and resistive to Russian power

No it's not.

you're too young to understand

You've spent your entire life without forming a single unique thought.

You have become so thoroughly demoralized that you've become nothing but a puppet that vomits up whatever the hand up your ass tells you to.

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You are commanded to love your neighbor, however your enemies are not your neighbors.

You are commanded to hate evil and to purge it whenever you find it.

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No he doesn't.

He talks about a certain tribe and a certain umbrella.

Jesus, for that matter, was not a jew.

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I don't care what you have to say.

You're a state department shill and you'll get what's due.

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If Trump were elected a second term there'd not be a person in office with a physical, monetary connection to grifting the Ukraine government.

10% for the big guy, my dude.

Take your State Dept. agitprop and shove it, moshe.

No, Patton did not say that at all. You know nothing about Patton.

He in fact did say that and he was murdered for it.

But hey you're a globohomo supporter so it's fair game to lie about everything.

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Patton knew the fight against the Nazis was ultimately self-defeating and a mistake.

Modern Russia is less evil than the modern United States.

Your viewpoint is merely State Department propaganda bundled into a veil of plausible deniability.

Face it, you don't even have a viewpoint because all you do is follow orders.

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I'd much rather deal with Putin than with Biden, Obama, Pelosi, McCain's daughter, Romney, etc.

"Our" government is staffed and run by people who hate America.

Cuck losers like you who regurgitate State Dept. propaganda are kinda pathetic, honestly.

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The Chinese government realized pretty damn early that diet was important and after all the purges moved to create a robust domestic farm animal industry to the point that the majority of Chinese men are eating large amounts of meat daily.

Said Chinese government have openly stated that they see western men becoming weak, effeminate losers and don't want their men falling for that trap.

Hell, the Chinese aren't even communist anymore. They've all but dropped the principals. In practice China is now a military dictatorship with elements of republicanism.

I hate globohomo

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The Chinese ones often promise CCP backed grants and kickbacks.

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You are factually wrong and it's more than just shape that is different.

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All of the races skulls and skeletons are different in general, from shape to bone density to musculature attachments.

The scientists back then were correct.

Now it's forbidden to say outside of historic anthropology or crime investigation.

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More than anything else the drop in fertility and testosterone are caused by sedentary lifestyles, followed by a disgusting diet.

The poison in food packaging is really goddamn minor compared to all the high fructose corn syrup in a man's diet, and meaningless next to the fact that he literally never lifts.

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Sorry bro but I actually read what Patton wrote and said. You can't misrepresent it to me.

Treason, though?

I was never a zogbot, ya know.

I'm loyal to my nation and my nation isn't the State Department.

Hell, I probably have more in common with the ruskies than you. Orthodox is pretty based. You probably want us all going full globohomo tranny worship like good little conservatives.

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Imagine shilling State Dept. propaganda 😂

What a fag

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By Congress do you mean Israel?

The ones who are the main beneficiary of this whole conflict?

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Americans get arrested and held prisoner in foreign countries all the time.

95% or more of the time it's because they do stupid shit and deserve it.

Like the preachers who keep going to NK and getting arrested. They know damn well that what they're doing is illegal. They go anyway, knowing that they'll be jailed for their beliefs.

Or the druggies who try to smuggle into the Phillipines and get sentenced to execution, but have their sentence reduced to permanent exile. Should have just killed them.

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