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This is really retarded and gay and anyone supporting such a gay and retarded idea should feel like a retarded faggot.

Yes, you.

You're a retard.

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She does the public narrative control dirty work for jewish agitprop campaigns, why would she be out of a job?

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There are two sexes.

Gender isn't real.

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Twitter is really fucking gay.

They need a good 90s bully to whip them into shape.

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It's not a zero sum game, you realize?

More than just the poles are and will continue to change.

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Where did you see the rest about oxygen density?

It's just a simple logical follow through.

As the ice caps melt and the temperature of the water increases, the biodiversity will also increase. Alongside this, there will be an increase in plankton creating a much higher oxygen percentage in the atmosphere. Further, this will fuel the growth of rainforests and create a de-desertification effect as what was once arid, dry land becomes host to a shifting weather system. Most notably this will effect current "snow deserts" AKA tundras.

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Yes, I know.

The poles follow the cycle of the inner Earth as the various greater regions shift into a new stable position.

As I wrote, this will signal the end of the greater ice age as the poles reset and stabilize in a new position causing great upheaval in the various current, and soon to be formed, volcanic belts.

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We've been in an extended ice age for a very, very long time. What you are referring to is not a mini ice age, it is a solar cycle.

Cooler climate leads to more dangerous and volatile weather


Weather is about temperature differentials, terrain, and air/particulate/water density.

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As a side note, the conclusion of this study would be that hurricanes must have been horrible one and two thousand years ago.

Over two thousand years ago, yes.

That was before the Earth entered a cooling phase/ice age.

The climate was vastly more volatile and the Earth'a volcanic activity was much greater.

Predictive models, the non-cucked ones, have repeatedly shown that we're nearing the end of a greater ice age. The polar ice shall melt, the average temperature will increase, and there will be a massive boom in biodiversity. It'd a cycle that feeds into itself creating, for example, a higher oxygen density in the air which allows once more for larger land creatures.

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Except you have boomers and faggots unironically shilling for people like Oz and pretending that the election even matters.

It's not about doom and gloom, it's about waking people up to the absolute absurdity of the "right's" position in this country.

We must radicalize ourselves further and further to the right if we ever wish to even dream of combating the leftist's Bolshevik invasion of our society. You cannot correct the corruption of our nation and our people through middling measures and compromise.

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Ben is a jew.

He will never be on your side.

His side is, above all others, Israel.

You are a very, very, very distant not-even-second.

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Meanwhile their main objective is and always has been eastern Ukraine while they contain and control movement around Kiev.

That's Kiev by the way, spook.

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Jesus was not murdered by his government.

Jesus was murdered by jews.

The Romans did not see a crime and did not want to kill Him but the jewish mob demanded His death. In order to prevent rebellion and rioting Pilates washed his hands off it and gave the mob what they wanted.

Roman law would have seen Jesus freed.

Jewish recalcitrance was what killed Jesus.

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The cartel leaders prefer to use the breast milk of their child sex slaves.

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It was a call to arms in 2001 when the government allowed a group of Saudis and Israelis to blow up the twin towers and then a few months later invaded Iraq where we just so happened to lose trillions of dollars.

Hell, we can go all the way back to the fake abortion of a war that was WWI.

You faggots just don't pay attention and you think all of this is new.

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I'm not.

It's a terrible move and we should hold Trump accountable for it if we ever want things to improve.

"Trusting the plan" is retarded cuck nonsense.

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The diversity hires are there to distract you from all the jews he brought on that are doing the actual work to undermine white Christian nations.

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God doesn't care whether humanity wins or loses.

We are at the stage where we are on our own.

Idiots likes you have been convinced, by satan and devil worshippers, that it's fine to sit around on your ass doing nothing but cheering for the satanists and devil worshippers in power.

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How many white men rape black women per year according to FBI statistics?

How many black men rape white women per year according to FBI statistics?

Tens of thousands.


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The average black doesn't have enough racial intelligence to understand.

Average IQ of 85 which is mentally retarded for a white person.

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