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There is a really interesting (very suppressed) book called "Culture of Critique" by Kevin MacDonald that explains this phenomenon in painstaking detail. Really worth a read if you're beginning to wonder why they behave this way.

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Is there any kind of oppression more insidious than literal mind control? I have yet to hear any other legitimate explanation for how a racial group, over the span of one generation, become collectively suicidal. When you spot a piece of media that's even tacitly anti-White, look up who's responsible for its production; ten out of ten times you'll find jews. This is NOT a coincidence.

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That's what I thought. The only people making that assertion are sour grapes zilches.

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Ahhh of course, you cite an exclusively online, do-nothing megafaggot. What "long time White advocates" are you even referring to? No White Guilt? A literal e-personality? It's unfortunate that you're so low T that their aesthetics frighten you. For most of us, they seem really cool and inspiring. You're just repeating system narratives because people who actually do things remind you how gay and pathetic you are.

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I fucking hate these couch potato coomer faggots that have the gall to bad jacket people for not being losers like them. I hate them so much. There are just so many stupid ass faggots, it's really breathtaking.

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Have you ever hung out with them? Law enforcement has literally doxed a bunch of them to antifa. That's also not how burden of proof works. Anyone asserting that they're feds has yet to provide any actual evidence other than that they're young, fit, disciplined, coordinated and wear uniforms. Impugning a group for those characteristics actually just reflects poorly on you.

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They aren't, you raging, prolapsed homosexual.

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That's weird... it's almost like there's some kind of double standard here... 🤔

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Our oppression is so extreme that White people will do this without even being prompted. When the parents of murdered White children do this, they become complicit in the next racial atrocity.

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