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The USSA? America's not shit unless we hurt the people infringing on freedom.

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With balls? You mean without compromat.

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FDR was a communist who was employed by the enemies of the United States. He was the first Deep State-owned president. He pushed us towards socialism more than any other single president.

Everything you believe about WW2 was written by the enemies of human freedom.

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Nah, they were boys, cowards bullied into killing men who had no hatred towards them, on the orders of "leaders" who actually hated them and considered them subhuman.

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"Liberty and prosperity today"? What are you smoking? Slavery and poverty at the hands of banker-pedophiles is how this country runs. These soldiers were NO DIFFERENT, laying down their lives so that banker-pedos could destroy the only real threat to their power. As General Patton said, we fought the wrong enemy. Then the pedophiles killed him for saying so.

These men are the lowest and most shameful of men. Cowards who wouldn't stand up to their true enemy: the craven, corrupt elites who sent them to die without a second thought. They have no more honor than the worms crawling through them.

I would rather be speaking German than live with the faggotry and evil pervading our society. Shame on Americans for capitulating to the demon worshippers of the '20s and '30s.

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The usual suspects. America has been a lie since the 1930s. We have a "white" supremacy problem, with the worst 2% of the population acting as if their race gives them legal immunity (it does).

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What? No. Those are symptoms. The problems can be described in fewer words.

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White existence is the biggest threat to pedophiles ruling the planet.

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Like the Rosenbergs? Like Soros? Zuckerberg? Chuckie Schumer? Jerry Nadler?

Communism is merely one face of our abusive conquerors, like capitalism, which seeks to unite all nations under a singular racial authority.

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I know how to make it stop.

But you'll have to risk everything to win everything.

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