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Ronda Santis must be getting paid huge or some sort of financial benefit, or else he's the stupidest person I've known of in a long time. Has anyone watched the Piers Morgan interview yet???

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I don't how everyone doesn't realize or doesn't remember what was happening. They had Trump in a box. If he did it like he did, you get the comments you see all over here. If he didn't do it the way he did, they would've massacred him 100x times more then they did

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They've been saying for a year that we "might" or "could be" headed to a recession when we were already knee deep in one. This is retarded and if any of these corrupt fucks were honest they would be saying were in a recession amd could be headed for the beginning of another great depression

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It feels like we're reliving the Sessions, Barr, Amy Coney Barret, Kavanaugh, Crenshaw etc. times all over again. You're wrong for saying they're bad and having a feeling about them, and later get proven to be right, but nobody admits they were wrong because they went all in for someone who we tried to warn them about

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Teflon Don. This would make him the most wrongly persecuted and gangster president of all time!

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And his wife cheated on him then left him. Yeah we were just pulling his ego out of the stratosphere after he shit on all of us for so long

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Tons of people I've spoken to fully believe or somewhat believe all these lies about him. They know that just by putting a story out there people will believe it without question or corroboration.

And I'm not just talking about TDS folks, but normies, centerists, traditional liberals, and even fucking conservatives and Trump supporters have fallen for at least one lie or another over these 7-8 years.

Even some more recently after knowing we're being lied to all the time. They know they tell lies and still believe them. People are just fucking stupid and lazy. Most people, even too many Trump supporters and MAGAs. It's an unfortunate reality.

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That's the only reason this even happened. They never actually have to indict him or arrest him, but as long as far too many people believe he deserved to be because that's what the authority figures I their life said, then Trump is a criminal in their mind

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I don't know why you're downvoted so much it's on his Truth page I just saw it yesterday. I was surprised but then can only assume it's sarcasm or else it doesn't make sense

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I keep hearing that his wife is super politically ambitious in his behalf and she's the one basically nagging him into all these self-destructive positions, but what did I miss? Is this pure speculation or is there somewhere this is coming from about her?

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If that's true, I missed it. I've seen the wish-washy comment he made about it one time where he basically implied he would decide later, but I haven't seen him outright declare he wouldn't run against Trump, or come out in support of Trump's run either, that with assuming Trump has his inside Intel behind the scenes, made me understanding of Trumpsattacks on him.

This whole thing DeSantis sucks because what sounded amazing, to me, wasn't DeSantis as Trump's VP pick for 24, but Spending this next Trump term completely turning FL in the right direction while establishing a successor, then running and winning in 28 and 32. With Trump's and Desantis's support being reciprocal with each other, making an example and creating pressure for other governors, and having 12 years straight of MAGA and having our economic and cultural redirection take place that we so desperately are in need of....

Instead we have this situation with justified frustration and confusion causing a divide

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Yeah something always felt that way about him, like he's doing some good things but something feels off. The post I'm referring to was when Trump posted that photo that was rumored as possibly Meatball when he was a teacher with female students and underage drinking.

I couldn't find it on here in the search, but I'm sure I have it saved somewhere. Even without that one thing, which was the biggest thing, even Trump coming after him at all like this:


Calling him out and calling him a rino, and just the hilarious barrage of attacks Trump has thrown at him in general, why would Meatball all of a sudden stick up for Trump? He had his chance to and shoulve taken it last year when Trump announced. But he didn't and it's gone so far now.

Trump deleted it off Truth that's probably why I can't find it here. But it's still out there. Here's a daily mail article about it. If you search something like Trump DeSantis Underage Drinking you should find it out there.


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I agree so I'm not really talking to you, and Im not saying Trump was wrong for attacking DeSantis. I always said I'm sure Trump knows what's happening behind the scenes that we don't know and that's why he's attacking him. That being said, if you were Meatball Ron, would you, at this point regardless of whether you were gonna run against Trump or not, defend Trump at all after he suggested you possibly criminally took advantage of underage girls? Lol it was funny but let's be honest...I love Trump but if he suggested that about me, I probably wouldn't be his biggest fan anymore. He should've supported Trump since last year and he fucked it up.

My point is to say I think it's crazy that after that post Trump made, to continually see people here still expect Meatball to be on our side, on Trumps side. He should have done the right thing and smart thing in the beginning and said he supports Trump for president and won't run against him, but he fucked that up and didn't do it so he got called out like he deserved. I wouldn't expect him to back Trrump at all now after that post, though, and I think all these comments looking for Meatball to publicly say or do anything are crazy

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I think Ron dropped the ball for months and fucked up when it comes to a presidential run and supporting Trump first. To be honest, absolutely love Trump, but if he insinuated I was taking advantage of underage girls, I probably wouldn't want to come out and publicly support him either. Now at the same time I've said I'm sure Trump was attacking Meatball Ron for a reason, that just because we don't know what's happening behind the scenes, doesn't mean Trump doesn't.

Let me try and make it a little more clear. I'm not against Trump attacking DeSantis and also at this point, after Trump insinuated DeSantis may have done something illegal with underage girls, whether it's true or false doesn't matter, I don't blame DeSantis for not being Trump's most vocal supporter.

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I was just wondering the other day if the guy I worked with years ago was right. At the time I thought he was looney. He said people think the world is gonna end in 2012 and it is, but not the way they think. It isn't going to be big explosions or anything dramatic, but instead it will be like we get transferred to another dimension. He made it sound like judgement day because he said the lucky ones will to go heaven and the rest will remain here but transferred to another dimension and everything is going to bizarrely be out of control and seem upside down.

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You know what that was a rampant joke about him and he played right into it. He seemed like a bit of a dopey guy while he was president. Imagine my shock when a few years ago I discover a video of a debate he had before he became president and how notably sharp, coherent, and intellectual he appeared to be. Ii was thinking who is this guy and why isnt this how he presented himself as president? That was one of the several big moments for me that were a scary realization that everything is a big lie and big show. I can't remember which debate it was but I'm sure someone else here know what I'm referring to.

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I was gonna say, it was funny to me but then scary to me because all the things that were mocked and made fun of have come true...so I couldn't help but think "oh no this is what's next"

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