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Maybe if Parents grew some balls their kids wouldnt be told to lose theirs. Seriously they can try and arrest me - because ill put the creep who tries to put that garbage in my kids head in the ground anyways..

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“We believe our int shows a credible threat to locations pertaining to the exercise of our democracy from political extremists”

And just like that mail in gets made official standard…so quick and easy too!

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I mean....

If I were a crazy mad man I would make a virus that kills whomever DOESNT take my treatment.

The whole point of being a despot is to kill those who don't do what your telling them to.

Just saying Vietnam wasn't a field battle folks...make sure to wear bright colors for the drones while your at it :-)

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I think Trump is laying low.

Right now the Dems will move heaven and earth to fuck him and the media will gladly saturate ANYTHING he says in the worst light.

The less time the media has to lie about what he says the more likely he will be successful in a 2024 run. If the Dems manage to keep him on the defensive 24/7 then he will never be able to get up to speed for 2024.

So Trump is playing it quiet - he can't change things now and even he realizes he won't be potus before 2024 - so he just reminds folks of the steal and will wait till the 11th hour to start saying "Oh yeah remember when..."screen pauses and massive list scrolls across what the Dems did

Remember - Trump is essentially a political no-body at this point; so his opponents cannot argue in 2024 "Why didn't you stop it." Trump isnt a congressmen or senator...so he isn't required to vote for or against any of this stupid shit - thats a attack angle his foes will never have because they are career politicians - which means the attacks on Trump will come from character assassination and misquotation and quotes out of context in media.

PRAY Trump gets in....if he does here better sure as fuck DAY ONE EO reads as follows..

"Any EO passed in 2021 to 2024 is officially rebuked and any agency found enforcing it will face immediate reprocussions"

Then start counting heads...

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Or change your name to Deep and last name Dickens

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Aye i made a email rule that checks the sig for pronouns and if found puts in the wokers folder..

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Have some fun with it - use the pronoun “dickbringer” and if challenged say how its the more inclusive term as not all he’s have penises..so this is the more specfic pronoun.

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I mean it has a added benefit of punishing conservatives

Think.. gas prices go up... Who is living in the majority of rural communities and therefore likely drives more.. Who doesn't have access to state provided public transit... The goal being to make sure your kids move to the cities where they can be effectively made ultra dependent on the government.

I am awaiting to hear what home heating is going to cost this year....I finished splitting 6 months of wood last week.

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It won't...let me explain.

Anyone the military fires on will be "terrorists" while they slowly erode the likelyhood of that event happening by taking away the foundations needed for you to resist.

If you are too weak to walk; you arent going to be out in the cold to protest. If you have no ammo - your not fighting fuck all If you are flimsy - you can easily be hauled off by the goons.

They have been placating and softening people up for quite some time - harder to keep in good shape if you got the shots and suffer occasional chest pains..

Hard to cling to values when your erection is being provoked to go out and please yourself all day expending your energy - less likely you'll have kids if that itch is already getting scratched by your latest sex toy/smut.

People like to say those who got the shot are just complying and are cowards - yet I have yet to hear of anyone of these "I'm ready" folks actually doing anything aside from talking shit on the forums - we are all lulled into compliance - the difference is that some folks are not in denile of it.

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Technically - but the farmer can always use more bullets...everyone can make use of a bullet - without a central authority to dictate the value of money - your money has pretty much no other application - that's why I suggest ammunition,

Fallout got it wrong with caps - no one would use them for anything.

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Or buy bullets...if things get so bad we go back to barter I think bullets and tools are going to be valuable.

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“Dems beat all expectations; experts theorize it was a vote against republicans rather then a vote for dems..no futher dission needed on the dems upset victory 2022”

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This right here…

Anyone who isnt speaking up or has their job being assaulted is likely not your friend - the left is running through purity tests…assume anyone not being removed has likely passed said tests - anyone else

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You should have passed on the ride and put her in a awkward contest “am i a nice person” vs “am i a compliant person”

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I think the manufactures should have as much immunity as their "vaccine" provides...

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Just think...the damage done is in less then 1 year...

Buckle up for 2022

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