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I can think of a couple. They hide behind religion, but their purpose is very clear and obvious.

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You may choose any two: Freedom, Civilization, The 13%

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How about everyone show up and record the glowies? Look at the fedbois who got famous at the DC rally. Every time there's a rally there's going to be feds and agents provocateur. That should not be a reason to stay home. Recording them, exposing them, making public spectacles of them is the best weapon and that requires us to turn out in massive numbers.

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I take medical advice from my doctor. Not from memes on the internet and not from any hive mind like the antivaxxers here.

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I really and truly do not give a single fuck what the hive-mind is told to think. I took the Trump vaccine and I'm fine. So my anecdotal evidence supporting it is equal to the anecdotal evidence against it. It was a decision I made after consulting with my doctor, who, by the way, is a Trump supporter.

This obsessive anti-vaxx jihad here is fueled by anti-vaxx propaganda. I'm not going to blindly follow it.

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I did my own research. It just didn't include memes.

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That's it! Be a good little sheep and follow the antivaxx herd!

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I don't wear masks unless I just can't avoid somewhere that enforces their requirement. And those places are extremely rare even in lefty Atlanta. But when I do absolutely have to put on a mask, it is my red MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN mask and it triggers the absolute fuck out of the mask Karens.

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This. The day is near when these people are going to learn to fear getting dragged out of bed in the middle of the night by angry men with guns.

And no, not in minecraft. In real life. This includes you, Feds monitoring this board.

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It's Brad Abramsperger

Spell it correctly, please.

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You forgot 'trust Mueller'. He was 'our guy' and working secretly with Trump to expose and arrest the super secret global satanic pedophile organization operating out of the basement of a pizza restaurant.

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Oh that's just a cohencidence.

A centuries-long one stretching over a hundred countries.

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Oh ok. So Q waited until it was over to say anything.

I wish you Qtards were able to see just how ridiculous you all are when we let you keep talking. You all are delusional.

Q is not an insider. Q is a 4chan troll. You are not being given any special insider information. You are getting trolled. You are being fed garbage. Q drops are just random words and phrases with meaningless numbers and punctuation tossed in to make idiots like all of you think it's coming from some military or intelligence sources. The numbers and brackets and parentheses are all nonsense and have zero meaning.

The 4chan trolls and now the leftists who are behind the whole Q hoax are laughing their asses of at all of you. Know why the left calls us stupid? Because of YOU

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Jesus Christ you people are fucking stupid. The Q gibberish is from 8 months AFTER the arrests.

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Somebody tell Obama this isn't referring to the 'hung fags' he hopes it is.

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Qtards have for the last 4 years predicted mass arrests, they have claimed that many public figures have already been arrested, they claimed the Pope was arrested, they claimed there was a mass exodus of public figures fleeing the country, they claimed Mueller was secretly working with Trump to expose and arrest the secret worldwide cabal of satanic pedophiles headquartered in the nonexistent basement of a pizza restaurant, they claimed there was a secret military raid in Germany to capture a server involved in the 2020 election fraud, and every single week some Q drop has predicted that the next week would be "BIG". Qtards have made the most bizarre connections between old Q posts and current events and not one single prediction has come true. Not one.

So as I said, sure most followers of the 4chan troll turned disinformation campaign really do mean well, but they are low IQ gullible idiots with very limited reasoning and critical thinking skills.

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Adrenochrome is not what you think. Are there pedos in power? Of course. Just like there's pedos at all levels of society. But some grand satanic pedo organization? Pizzagate was a load of horseshit started as 4chan trolling. Just like the whole Q thing.


When do the mass arrests start? You know, from the 234,000 sealed indictments that someone with a 2-digit IQ and even less reading comprehension claims they "found".

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Yeah still waiting on Sessions' and Mueller's 234,000 sealed indictments.

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They're idiots. They mean well but they're idiots.

Show us just one single prediction that came true.

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But of course she's fucked Chad, Ray Ray, Pookie, Jamal, Dequavious, Jose, Jugdish, Achmed, and the rest of the Star Wars bar scene. No thanks. That Arby's Roast Beef sandwich ain't for me.

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