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They put an incompetent negro in charge and expected what exactly?

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Oh God don't even start on those asinine Q proofs.

Q is bullshit. It started off as a little harmless trolling on 4chan and should have remained that way. None of it is real. Not one single prediction has ever come true.

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Yeah you're right. Let's just sit at home and post pictures of frogs and trust the plan.

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Inflict some pain legally.

I'm tired of being told to just passively take it and only protest with pictures of frogs.

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Think they're melting now? Wait for the retaliatory bank runs when Trump is indicted and arrested!

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Nah we don't do that here. We demand everyone march in rigid ideological lockstep. But we're totally not like the left because we don't have purple hair and made up pronouns.

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That's where Kulaks live. It doesn't count.

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Yeah they're wearing out the downvote button today.

But notice they have never once showed us where one single prediction came true.

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You can't just make a simple connection of sequential numbers like that. You have to find those three numbers in a different order in a Q drop, then cross reference a random word that is set apart by Q's nonsensical brackets or parentheses to a news headline that has nothing to do with Trump. You take the date of that article and use the Q Clock (yes it's a real thing, and it's as ridiculous as it sounds) to find some way to connect all of that to the initial 3 numbers. And that is your Q Proof that in 2 weeks the mass arrests start.

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Even the GayBI isn't as retarded as the schizophrenic ramblings I see on The Great Potatoing.

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I think you have the best take on it. Up to now, he's been great as Governor. Still is great as Governor. I do not believe he is some deep state trojan horse. How he governs is not how they work at all. He let his landslide victory go to his head.

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The grand jury is made up of Manhattanites. These are people who pay $40 to have avocado toast delivered to their trendy lofts.

They're going to indict President Trump. Now they're probably going to indict this witness too.

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We've thrown out a bunch of ideas and every single one got shot down by the Hive Mind. Personally I thought a bank run would be great. Can't arrest us for pulling our own money out. And we wouldn't have to empty our accounts, just nationwide mass withdrawals would send a message. You start squeezing the banks, phone calls get made, and suddenly Alvin Bragg is out of a job.

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