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They are tiny and are unarmed. I serve in one.

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I smell cat litter, box wine, and antidepressants.

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They did you a favor. Buy here pay here lots sell junk. Not just junk, but auction junk. CEL and airbag bulbs removed, wrecked and "repaired", and flood cars. Their whole business model is to get that down payment and a monthly payment or two, then repo it and sell to the next sucker.

source: am L1 Master Tech 30 years in the business

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Get ready. Market's about to be flooded with repo'd Chargers, Challengers and Mustangs.

Oh and Altimas.

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Ok folks, the hive mind has spoken. Musk is not approved. You are not allowed to like him nor speak positively of him. Obey the hivemind.

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Ah beautiful women back then!

(only complaint was the carpet matched the drapes)

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But look who the people running the show are using to do the work. Low IQ blacks, and lazy, narcissistic woke millennials.

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Today we can make fun of the BlueAnons instead of the Qtards.

Just kidding, we can always make fun of the Qtards.

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No. She testified that a specific agent who she identified told her this and HE is one of the agents who immediately came out asking to go under oath to testify she was lying.

She should get the same treatment that any (R) has gotten, but we know that won't happen.

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Another woke millennial white woman.

Seeing a pattern yet?

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She's a white millennial woman.

That should explain everything.

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It's women.

They got their attention on social media and now they're moving on to the next CURRENT_THING.

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Exactly. And the internal combustion engine is going to have advantages over electric for a long time to come. I'm just not going to follow the hive mind in rejecting EVs and solar outright.

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Is the "bombshell" Mo Brooks agreeing to testify after losing Trump's endorsement?

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I have high hopes for this, based on what we've seen so far. I'm not opposed to EVs and solar. They have their place. What I'm opposed to is the way leftists think it is somehow a good idea to completely replace existing technology with something that is just not practical for everyone.

I live in Georgia. You better believe when I buy a house, it's going to have solar panels to power the A/C on hot summer days. But I also know that I'm going to have electricity from the grid for when the sun isn't out. And for where I live and work and travel, an EV would be a good fit for me. That is, if I didn't have a company vehicle and gas card provided as part of my compensation, and I was willing to pay for an EV. (I hate spending money, so not gonna happen)

That said, what I would never do, is tell my neighbor that since I do it, he has to as well, and there will be no debate.

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