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Pretty sure they're just controlled opposition and have no interest in actually organizing anything

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Before the Nazis got into power and they were some fringe political party, they gained popularity with regular Germans because they went out and brawled with the commie rioters in the street and got the commies to fuck off.

AntiFa actually originated from Spanish civil war iirc and branched out to Germany.

So it was AntiFa that showed up in Germany first and they pissed regular Germans off so much they ended up supporting Hitler lol.

edit: and AntiFa were massive pieces of shit during the Spanish civil war they burned churches and murdered priests and nuns because muh cultural revolution

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Vax junkies lol.

Actually literal junkies are probably smarter at least they get high and have some fun while damaging their bodies

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Yeah I just duckduckgo'd it.

Also Singpore is extremely high like +90%

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The word for sorcery is pharmakea because a lot of ancient mystery cults used psychoactive drugs in their initiation rites.

I don't think it has anything to do with modern big pharma and vaccines

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Sweden is 70% vaxxed even though they didn't have lockdowns or mandates lol

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IF the science juice was designed as a slow kill shot... and say 30, 50, 70% of vaxtards will have debilitating chronic health problems in the next ~10 years... we're gonna be in for a rough ride.

Maybe they decided they got enough suckers to take the science juice to collapse society

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Yeah it's public record that American politicians get fat donations from jewish pro-Israel organizations and give Israel preferential treatment and tax payer gibs.

One doesn't have to be anti-semitic to realize it's not good for American politicians to accept bribes and put the interests of a foreign country over their own.

And btw Saudi Arabia has it's tentacles in American politics too and that's not good either.

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Her fault for not paying the jizya

  • British police, probably
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/> Men should wait until they are in their 30s-40s to marry

I think you're confused about what mgtow is lol that's tradcon advice.

Nothing wrong with that if that's the path you choose but mgtow = never marry.

I've been listening to the OG's like Stardusk, bar bar, Colttaine and TFM for a long time.

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Yeah same. Meat's getting more expensive and the shelves aren't as full as they used to be but I haven't seen totally bare shelves... yet...

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and the 50% of my investments that are in bonds.

bonds might crash too bro.

The game is changing. Since the 1980's bonds were seen as the risk-off asset and a safe place to flee from the stock market.

It wasn't always like that though. In the 1970's bonds and stocks both crashed.

The debt market is in a bigger bubble than even the stock market due to central bank fuckery.

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As far as I understand the Fed is in a catch-22.

Everyone's overleveraged because interest rates have been suppressed for so long.

If they raise interest rates enough to combat inflation it'll cause a chain-reaction of defaults and bankruptcies worse than 2008.

If they keep suppressing interest rates then inflation continues to run wild and normies might actually wake up when they can't afford basic food and housing.

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This will cost them millions. They definitely care.

won't the fed just print $$ and bail out the woke corporations?

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  • so upset I'm literally shaking

  • actually that's vax induced neurological damage. SORRY no refunds

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Our focus should be on training our future women not to sympathize with these peoples self inflicted ruin.

The family court system is a huge obstacle to this. It's basically a trump card / nuclear option women can use at any time. It's full of feminazi commies and will side with the woman and undermine the father's role/authority at every opportunity.

Not every woman will resort to it but it's hard to be captain of the ship when your first officer can go cry to the admiral and have you stripped of command and thrown in the brig for any bullshit reason.

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It was the white feminazi liberal

lol yep. I'm a mutt and my old white liberal friends from college don't call me to hang out anymore since I started criticizing the woke sjw ideology.

I say affirmative action is just discrimination against whites / men by another name and they shouldn't feel guilty about things other white people allegedly did 100+ years ago.

They REE and call me a fascist or white nationalist sympathizer lmao.

And yeah I've noticed it's usually the women that are the most fervent believers in the ideology. When I'd talk to the men in private they'd agree with me at least in part but wouldn't dare say so in public for fear of incurring the disapproval of the empowered wahmen. Pathetic.

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maybe they'll do their "cyber pandemic" next.

or release a much deadlier virus.

or operation bluebeam with fake ayyylmaos. "we have come from zeta reticulae. you must eat ze bugz and take ze hormone blockers"

who knows

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lol I forgot about that.

sucks for them. not my problem.

Most just see you as a meal ticket anyway and will treat you as such.

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