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We only need to look around, from the public squares all the way to Parliament, to see that our vocations are being tested, and that we have clearly in front of us the measure of what we should not be. Before a world of mush, whose principles are, ‘You have no choice’, or else, ‘We’ll have time for morals after we take care of our stomach and our skin.’ [...] .There is also, ‘These are not times in which we can permit ourselves the luxury of having character.’ Or last and least, ‘I have a family.’ When we hear these slogans, we know how to give a clear and firm response: ‘As for us, we cannot act in any other way. This is our life, this is our essence.’

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I've been meaning to read Anthony Sutton.

There was a late 19th / early 20th century Russian anarchist MIkhail Bakunin who said something like "Is it a paradox that wealthy 'capitalist' bankers like the Rothschilds are funding the communists? No, not really. The communist state will have a central bank and government control of private industry. They're just securing their monopoly"

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You know... Protestant vs Catholic/Orthodox both have their pros and cons.

Catholics and Orthodox argue that you need full time theologians and clergy to interpret the Bible and give an "official" interpretation to the laymen. I see some merit to that idea tbh.

When the Reformation kicked off there were all sorts of weird cultish splinter groups that would get fixated on one Bible verse or another and fall into thinking they'd discovered the true Christianity and everyone else were deluded heretics. It led to a lot of in fighting and fracturing of the church over some arcane minutia. And charlatans leading their followers astray.

The Bible is a complicated text. Many lines especially in the New Testament assume thorough knowledge of the Old Testament and contemporary discourse.

Protestant say just read the Bible and the Holy Spirit will guide you to the correct interpretation.

That's a very democratic and egalitarian idea but history has shown random plebs reading the Bible and taking it at face value leads to some radically different interpretations.

But on the other hand when you have a central authority issuing "official" doctrine it's just a fact of human organizations that corruption and self interest will seep in. Luther was correct that there was no Biblical basis for indulgences and the Catholic clergy just made it up to enrich themselves,

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It's actually worse than zero accountability. They're applauded and financially incentivized to continue the irresponsible behavior that led them to being single mothers.

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Yeah it takes two to tango. But imo society already judges deadbeat dads.

Single mothers are valorized and portrayed as virtuous victims that dindu nuffin. Zero accountability for their role in creating the situation.

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Single motherhood is a blight on society.

SOMETIMES it's not the woman's fault.

But most of the time it's a direct result of her poor choices.

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Yep I'm in BC, Canada, and it's a $200-something fine for the individual not wearing a mask indoors and a much bigger fine for the business not enforcing it.

SOME businesses are purposely taking a stand and not enforcing it but most are.

All it takes is one mask Karen to call the cops. They even have fucking snitch lines to anonymously report mask violations. I can't imagine the utter trash people that use them but yeah that's the type of society we're living in.

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I could also get into the USS Liberty incident which was probably a failed Israeli false flag which was then excused and covered up by America.

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I think the less tin foil hat but still conspiratorial explanation is there are questionable elements within American intelligence agencies that fund and train terrorists to do their dirty work.

It's kind of like, they help to create a mad dog, and foil plots on targets they don't want attacked but stand back and let the terrorists attack targets they do want attacked. But keep a couple degrees of separation for plausible deniability.

The 9/11 hijackers had connections to Saudi intelligence which had connections to the CIA.

The idea that certain elements within the CIA and maybe even the Bushes themselves knew about the attack before hand and did nothing to stop it (aka tacitly approved it) isn't so far fetched.

I think it's established history that FDR was purposely provoking WWII Japan, knew about the attack of Pearl Harbor beforehand and let it happen because he wanted a justification to declare war.

There's also lots of questions around the Gulf of Tonkin incident. At the very least the American Navy created a situation that provoked Vietnamese ships to fire on them. I think there's also questions whether Americans fired the first shot or if there were even Vietnamese ships there at all.

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True. Women don't wanna be trad until they're 30+, boobs getting saggy and Chad doesn't return their phone calls.

More and more men are catching on to the scam and don't want to be the retirement plan for after she's "had her fun"

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The Bible's clear, when you die, you either go to heaven because you trusted and believed in Jesus, or hell because you are dying without forgiveness for sins that comes through faith in Christ.

is it? I thought you're just dead for a while until the the day of resurrection and final judgement.

your soul doesn't leave your body and go directly to heaven or hell.

that was a later addition around the time of St Augustine, borrowing from platonic philosophy and Greek soul/body dualism.

if you're just strictly reading the bible the distinction between soul/body isn't as clear.

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what about slurping on illegal Muslim immigrants unwashed feet?

Pope Francis is very fond of that..

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Its the mark of slavery from your Jewish masters

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It's not even a Christian practice. It's anti-christian actually.

Paul got into heated arguments with "judaizers" and it was settled early on that one does not need to be circumcised or follow the kosher laws to be a Christian. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a deceiver.

Paul made fun of them "maybe you should just go all the way and cut off your balls like the priests of cybele in Galatia"

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In China regular people can't own land. It's a 99 year lease from the government.

Americans can "own" property but property taxes = perpetual rent payments to the government.

Is it really that different? Maybe China's government is just more honest about the true nature of the relationship...

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Karen Kingston.

There's literally patents talking about injectable nanotech for surveillance and mind control (or 'mood alteration' at least)

Gives a whole new meaning to "you will own nothing and you will be happy".


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  1. vax pass for social credit control grid

  2. graphene oxide nanotech surveillance and mind control system

The latter sounds like tinfoil hat nonsense but scientists have been claiming to find some bizarre things in the vials...

We're living in such strange times I don't put anything off the table

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What? You don't think the mind controlling butt parasites and secret ancient underground Antarctic temple complex are legit?

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if they get away with that they'll slowly ratchet it up.

Make testing and insurance fees like +50% of your paycheck so there's no point to even working.

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Yeah I'm thinking maybe it's not an instant kill shot but it's meant to give you debilitating chronic illness. So you wither away over a decade or more and big pharma can drain siphon off all your money from the medical treatments you'll need.

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