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It's where we are. Many have had to cut ties with people who were so rooted together, it's been astonishing to witness first hand.

I'm often reminded of several scriptures that reference this shocking tearing apart.

Here's one: Micah 7:5 Put no trust in a neighbor; have no confidence in a friend; guard the doors of your mouth from her who lies in your arms; for the son treats the father with contempt, the daughter rises up against her mother, the daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law; a man's enemies are the men of his own house.

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Actually, I had no idea that moveon.o was in response to that.

What was Hillary famous line regarding Benghazi "what difference now does it make"...? Something like that

Thank you for that connection

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From day friggin 1, when everyone started using the same verbiage. Right on que ... Stand together by standing apart... We're all in this together... Wear your mask for your neighbor... Think of grandma... It was obvious propaganda! All rooted in fear. Control by fear

& The nation wide coin shortage The Plexi partitions the 6ft apart tape and the one way arrows in the supermarket aisles....

No, I'm not forgiving any of it

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Oh so now I'm supposed to forgive the vitriol from evildoers--their curses, lies, and hopes for my death??? because no one had a monopoly on the truth?

Fuck that. I will never forget the dirty deeds, actions, and words they so willingly inflicted.

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You're 100% right on. I completely agree with your sentiments. Jesus continue to bless and keep y'all.

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My sincere condolences to you and your husband.

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Tasty tasty white supremacist patriarchal worldview... Grilled, stewed, sauteed, bring it on.

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I just posted the same before I saw your comment haha

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Lol he looks like Gargamel from the smurfs cartoon.

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I missed this entirely. So now at the local Walgreens next to the con-19 test kits there's going to be an hiv test kit? That is some damn bullshit. Everyday I'm so thankful me and mine didn't fall for all this propaganda horseshit.

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Straight outta the 1619 projects...

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I always read your posts and think, names checks out. Thanks for always posting great content.

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Sad that this is reality. We have seen so much vitriol from the left we think we have to respond in kind.

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