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Who is the man to the right? Is he supposed to be someone we know, or is he a stand-in for a MAGA man

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Correct. The thing is with running, is that you will run out of spaces to run away to. Sooner or later, you will have to fight or you will have to submit. And even if you would not make that decision, your offspring will have to make that decision.

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I bet there is a local Mexican restaurant that will be more than happy to take your order and make a better burrito than these big-name chains.

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I said nothing implying that I pity Biden. I despise him for many reasons. That being said, it is also true that your ideal spouse should not abuse you during your golden years.

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I'm confused. I know that there was a quickly-forgotten school shooter recently who is a female-to-male tranny. Is this the one, or is it someone else?

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To all Pedes, please find a wife (husband if you are female) that will not demean and abuse you in your old age like what Mrs. Biden is doing.

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Like with any line of business, there's probably a shop or two within your area (especially in a city) that's not affiliated with any big name brand that will be happy to take your business. As for clothes, if you can't find a good shop, then maybe a tailor can assist you...

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Exactly. They seem to want violence, but want others to do the dirty work for them while they sit back and continue to post on the internet, like the lazy bum they are.

They are so lazy, that they can't seem to get involved in ways that does not necessarily involve violence.

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I will not live in a pod!

I will have privacy!

I will not eat bugs!

And the elites can kiss my ass.

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Good catch. Imagine if you're asleep in one of these pods when a fire breaks out within the building. You'll have a tough time escaping.

I bet the fire marshal would have a few choice things to say about these tiny houses.

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Probably high. It will be like living in a prison cell in all but name. No privacy, no way to isolate yourself from troublemakers, no way to block the smells and noise and I bet that comfort will not be all that great.

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Yep. Don't have to be an architect to figure that out.

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